Mother Earth Coco Peat - Advice and Experiences?

Newbie grower here - nearing the end of my first tent grow and decided to try my hand at a clones SoG in my “drying tent”. LOL! Yeah - that drying tent idea lasted about 10 seconds when I upgraded to HLG in the big tent and suddenly found myself light-rich! :joy:

At any rate, I more or less followed @Hellraiser s cloning thread and got 16 of 20 mid-flower shoots to root!
In my main grow I’m using FFHF and experienced the same issues as many and decided a different route for the clone grow. I’ve seen some incredible results from the coco crowd and would love to go that route - but I honestly don’t have the time for daily watering and at this point don’t want to spend the money for a self-contained system - although my original budget was blown away months ago!

I went to our local source for FF and ran across the Mother Earth - Coco Peat blend.
It kinda sounded like the best of both worlds - the consistency of coco but with the extra water holding properties of peat. It also has perlite and pumice and “other ingredients” . It states on the bag that you should begin fertilizing after 2 weeks. I’ll be using Jacks 321 for the simplicity - and the great results you see around from that nutrient line.

Clones were officially planted into 1 gal(slightly larger by the specs) bags and watered in on 10-12-21. I watered again 2 days later with Mammoth P and the bags were still moist, but not wet.
I figured there’d be a wealth of information available on the net. I WAS WRONG!!
Aside from the Mother Earth site I have found very little info about this medium.
Basically I found 1 post on another growing forum.
It did provide me with this information:
early veg 5.7ish
mid veg 5.8ish
late veg 5.9ish
begin of flower to the stretch 5.9
then the next few weeks at 6.0
then during the final 5-6+ weeks i ph 6.1-6.2ish

And said to more or less treat it like coco. Does the above info look legit?
So far the plants are responding well and have greened up nicely and I’m seeing new growth coming along. The post said nothing about a watering schedule though.
As stated - after 2 days the bags were still moist but not wet.
My plan is to water with Jacks every 2-3 days as opposed to every day like with coco.
Does this sound like a good plan?
And since I’m going for a SoG I packed 12 plants into a 2x2 elevated on a rack to collect run off and aid in circulation and plan on basically going for no more than 2 tops per plant.
The strain is ILGM Super Skunk.
Goal is a 4 week veg then flip. Flowering time is 8 weeks +/-.
Currently under a Spider farmer SF-2000 at about 35% and 26".
I have a SF-1000 I might bring in at flowering for extra umph!

I’m sure I left something out, but any and all advice is appreciated and respected.

Thanks for reading fellow growers and best of luck in your endeavors!!

Happy Growing Everyone!!


Thought I’d add a couple of snaps!

I couldn’t bring myself to trash the extra 4 plants so I put them into little pots. They’ll either stay in there - LOL, or they’ll go to a buddy…I’m undecided…


@Covertgrower - I’m gonna take that like as a tacit agreement of my plan! :joy: :rofl:

I didn’t expect to get much input, considering what I’ve seen around the net apparently me and one other cat have tried this stuff! LOL!

Maybe I’ll start a journal separate from my original grow to document the journey and share the experience with others.
There’s obviously an over-whelming interest! :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:


This video may help.
Maximizing Cannabis Yields with Dr Bruce Bugbee - YouTube
I did his peat vermiculite mix. Vermiculite retains water and can reduce watering requirements a bit.
This is my version of a six clone one gallon pot SOG. The pots are filled with coco & perlite 60/40 and fed Jack’s. Each plant has 3 - 4 colas

The runoff tray is what saves my bacon.

During heavy flower they would get about 1.5L every other day. Occasionally I needed to feed every day (not often). Managing and dealing with runoff would otherwise be a prohibiting pain in the A… At least for me
Current photo with a couple weeks to go


That’s what I’m talking about!
I thought about trying for 4 per plant but I’m not sure about the available space. I want to leave enough for decent air circulation.
And I’m totally stealing your framework for your run off tray/net. I found an appliance tray that about covers the footprint and my current rack is lacking so I definitely need to make adjustments soon and get everything into place for later when needed. I elevated the tent on 4 milk crates and might bring it up another level and make it a little more accessible. I also plan on elevating the rear of the tent slightly to force the run off to flow to the front for even easier removal. It only needs to be a half inch or so to get the water moving. And if the light hangs funny I should be able to compensate for that too.
I did pick up a 2gal sprayer the other day. Once things get going and really once they’re in the frame, there ain’t gonna be much, if any, moving them until the chop.

Thanks for the reply, information and inspiration!! If my space produces half of what you’ve got going I’ll consider it a great success!
Those are some beautiful, frosty buds!

Happy Growing Everyone!!

I think the rack came out of an old refrigerator. I am looking for one or two more. The tray is a 26 x 18" dura-tray. Another tray that works but is a little deeper are dough proofing boxes. This one is under one of my autopots.

The frame is about 24x24. It is a matter of sizing the plant to the space. I have done 12 is smaller pots with only one colas. One other thing is they are all clones. I use them for consistency. With individual seeds you are not sure what you get
Good luck. It is a fun type of grow and can be very productive

Things are coming along and hopefully I’ll get a chance in the next few days to get a frame structure built and installed before they get too big to mess with.

Yes - SoG is definitely a clone grow type of system. I’m using ILGM Super Skunk, which is a pretty stout and even growing plant. Thankfully I pulled the clones before mama slipped into nute-lockout in the main tent.
I’m SUPER happy I choose this as my first run with Jacks 321 and trying the coco/peat blend. Hopefully I won’t run into that problem with these lemmings.
To be fair to FF - I skipped the recommended flush because they were looking so healthy and good. The main tent ladies - 1 SSkunk, 1 GDP are both locked out and will be getting the Sledgehammer today. Hopefully I only set myself back a week or so.

The clones are definitely starting to take off, so I gotta get on that frame ASAP.

They went into the bags on the evening of the 12th, and I can’t imagine they won’t be ready for the flip after my planned 4 week veg.
My official plant-to-seed cost is $0.30 for this Super Skunk grow.

Happy Cloning Everyone!!

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