Mother and daughters in distress

I’m in week 7 of flower, and they are showing some signs of not being all too happy…

First two are the mother and the other two are the daughters. The mother shows no symptoms the daughter shows and viceversa… The symptoms only show on fan leafs, and are wide spread…

What strain. Holy punch

Method: organic soil

Vessels: Pots

PH of solution 6.2 runoff 6.5

PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution N/A


Light system 2 x 400w HPS at 75%

Temps; Day, Night 18-29 °C

Humidity; Day, Night 35-50%

Ventilation system; Yes, 

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, N/A

Co2; no

Each leaf seems to tell a different story. Have pics of the whole plant? Why no runoff PPM?

I don’t have a ppm meter…:innocent:

Those all look really healthy. I’m not sure that I would worry. It may just be that the plant is cannibalizing the nutrients from leaves during flower, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. What week are you in?


Literally my first sentence… :rofl::joy::rofl: 7 weeks since flip :wink:

Sorry, dude, I missed it. I was more focused on the pics. lol.

Yeah, at 7 weeks I’m not sure that I would worry about it. It’s pretty normal for the plant to begin feeding off itself at this point. The plant is focused on maturing the flower.

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Here’s a pic of one of my typical plants a couple of weeks before harvest.


I totally get you… It happens to me all the time🙈 unfortunately no one dares to call out anyone anymore because he could have feelz… instead one could just be happy that his failures made someone smile, i mean there is beauty in that and all it needs is embracing imperfections…

Yeah it’s not long till harvest, and she will feed on her… I saw @KoolHandLuke s last run and his were very eaten.

I wonder can you avoid it if you feed more?

Yeah, some of it. I generally stop feeding at week 7. Flushing is a whole nother controversy. lol.

Others will do it differently. I respect their methods too.


@outdooring , is this a bottle or organic grow . Holy punch is a very finicky cultivar. In my grow I was trying to achieve a fall fade . I think I fed them straight water for the last 7 weeks . Using up her stored energy (leaves) . I’m not smoking leaves . Every grow is different, so you have to find out what is best for you. Some organic grower top feed all the way to the end. But some people cut the nutrients and let them fade out for a smoother smoke. When was the last time you calibrated your PH pen

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:blush: im using the little ph strips…

bottle grow??? whats that

im using organic soil and organic fertelizer… plagron soil, and canna bio line…
yes i remember how eaten up she looked, I thought if I feed more i might be able to avoid that happening, doesnt look like :slight_smile:
but yeah im in the final part i will let her go now and just water…

I got my holy punch back on track with ( in 5gal of water) 1TB spoon Epsom salt and 3 TB spoons of Blackstrap molasses ( organic brown sugar works too ), Epsom is Mag.and sulfur. The molasses is full of micro nutrients and sugars for your microbes. Healthy microbes and fix many problems for you . Many organic growers add this anyway , as a bud booster and enhancer in flower

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i might use cannazyme, and cannaboost… which is the same but from this specific line…

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Ive used molasses and it seems to bring on the fungus gnats. Used it on first grow and within a week of using it i noticed flying bugs turns out it was fungo gnats. Stopped usin the molasses and gone never used again and i have not had fungus gnats since. I didnt over do the molasses of anything i went lighter fees with it than required. Dont know but to me the molasses made things alot more complicated. Have a whole bottle of it sitting not being used lol

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