Moth damage and stunted growth

Hey growmies, just a quick question, I had a moth get inside overnight, it ate a full leaf, I’m currently vegging 7 plants with intentions to keep 5, just wondering how much this stress will stunt growth and how much it will stress her?? As she was one of the healthier plants but if she’s going to be struggling for a few days she will be one of the ones that have to move out :wave:


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I wouldn’t worry about it, go ahead and just pull off whatever is left, plant will be perfectly fine.

Some growers pull off multiple leaves (defoliate) at a time, think of your situation as just removing one, shouldn’t really matter. Good luck and happy growing :v:


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Thanks for replying! Appreciate it, they’re only 21 days old, would it be more beneficial to leave the damaged leaf, or will it use more energy trying to heal than what energy it will produce ? First indoor grow :slight_smile:

Damaged leaves will not recover, I’d go ahead and remove it, sound like it’s pretty much all eaten anyway.


@Dave101 has you covered on the damaged leaf.

Keep an eye out for larvae/caterpillars just in case. If you have a spray for pests, you could go ahead and spray right before your next lights out, just to be safe. If you don’t have anything, get something just to have around. I like Jack’s Deadbug Brew. I try to spray about once a week in veg.