Most unique terp profile?

So after growing 30+ strains I’ve come across quite a few reruns with slight variations. Then i started growing pyramid seeds shark strain ( northern lights x skunk) and the early terp profile smells slightly of mint then slightly tropical fruity then at the very end a hint of salt water. So what’s the most interesting smell you’ve come across?


This is my kinda question!!!

Ive had a Wedding Cake (Phenofinders?) that smelt like Newports level mint lol. It wasnt consistent n barely came theu in the smoke but was different.

I had some bagseed that came from a dieselly kushy kinda of smoke. It tasted like ass… seriously dirty socks/meaty just HORRIBLE. Great smoke but I couldnt get past the taste after a few grams and gave it away.

Black Domina always gets me going as well. A peppery spicy smell while growing. And cures into a citrusy kinda white widow flavor knock ur socks off indica smoke.

Sweet Zombie… grew maybe 4 to flower? At least 3. All 3 smelled like different flavored starburst. Crazy candy flavored. One even smoked JUST like candy.

N finally… the sprite flavored Super Silver Haze I grew a couple years ago. It was nuts… like carbonated starburst (not to be repetitive but no other way to explain it…)

Ive had berry leaning Northern Afghanis. Tried the Lucky Widows (@Haildamaged bred) that tasted like cereal… had a red diesel that was sickening… and a Deluxe Slurbert that smelled and tasted so much like Double Bubble bubblegum that it made ur stomach hurt :rofl:.

What can I say? Ima flavor hound


Same here i have a bloody skunk right now that smells like a cherry starburst , it’s very excellent cant wait for it to finish to give it a high test

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Bloody Skunk is one of the more stable strains ive noticed. It almost always turns a nice reddish color and always has the terps.

Never tasted it but id defo grow it


That’s ironic because this is the only strain from sweet seeds that I’ve grown that DIDNT turn purple i cant complain its stacking bud very densely


That poo poo smelling ganja from back in the day. Probably a SK pheno.