Most pungent strain available here on ilgm preferably photo but autos are okay too:)

Hey all its me:) wondering if the moderators or other ilgm seed shoppers have a personal fave they choose from here at ilgm as far as Most Pungent goes?:slight_smile: thx all

This is a multifaceted answer.
For me, ILGM Gelato was extremely fragrant, (smelled like fired gunpowder, but smelled like sorbet Ice cream in dab form)
But so was Super Lemon Haze. (Smelled like lemons all the way)
Sour Diesel smelled just like diesel fuel. It smelled up my tent, and smothered all other terpenes.
I’ve grown some ILGM genetics, but I have a lot more to go.
Maybe @Bulldognuts @CoyoteCody @Myfriendis410 and tag anyone else that grew ILGM stuff.

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I’ve only got four ILGM strains that I’ve grown so far. Northern Lights, OG Kush, Green Crack and Grand Daddy Purple. The OG Kush was pretty skunky. But the GDP was the strongest smelling one out of the four.

thx for the reply! I have a decent amount of ilgms GDP, Super silver haze , And a batch if bergmans gold leaf all photo and fem, i just ordered myself some autos from fastbuds and a cheese strain by the name of Francos lemon
cheese i hear is quite pungent, looking for other kiinds for sure tho!:wink:

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Cheese has a very “creamy” terpene. Also comes recommended. I’ve only grew one of those, I just wished I would have cloned it.

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thanks!! im thinking about grabbing" ilgms blue cheese" here anyone have growing experience with it?

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@Bulldognuts Did your gdp show mostly purple phenos? And were those purple phenos the strong smelling ones you spoke of?


There’s a couple ways to bring out purple coloration in any of the purple phenotype plants. One way to do that is by lowering temperatures in the last few weeks of flower or you can raise ph levels in the last few weeks of flower. I didn’t do either. But it was strong smelling weed, even before harvest it was strong. It was a little skunky and earthy smelling.


I have just completed my very first grow with Wedding Cake using ILGM seeds. Toward the end the smell of diesel was super strong then tapered off at the end. Half of the plants were purple and half were green, with one being a mix of the two. Been curing a couple of weeks. The green ones smell earthy and bit spicey and the purple ones have distinct cheese odor to them. The purple ones were in soft pots and more to the side of the tent, not directly under the light. The green ones were in AutoPot hydroponic and directly under the light.

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Thanks for that description! Most appreciated! Im a huge fan of that distinct cheese odor when it comes to my herb! Diesel as well actually lol good on ya!!!

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You know, initially diesel and cheese were my least favorites but I have grown to really like them both. Kind of like how I grew to appreciate true Stilton Blue Cheese from England. :heart_eyes:

@Covertgrower. I can ship ya a fem cheese seed if ya want. Its from another place well u know the story but if u want i can send ya a seed or 2. 1. 49 photo fem cheese i was gonna put a screen shot of the stuff but didnt know if i can they r 16 to 20 % 400 to 500 g per m2

IG is a more likely place to find just about anyone. :wink:

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I do t have anything but fb lol

Woah. Nbbb