Most INSANE Ways To Partake

Ever see someone make an insane rig? Leaf blower hotbox? The Death Bong? Gas Mask and a Bucket?

I love seeing the absolute crazy things we will do to chase the smoke!


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Lol not like that. 1983 we sat in a car and 4 of us smoked it out and you could barely see us in there. Good times


We took one of those water cooler tanks exactly like your pic, made a gravity bong out of it and took hits in the pool.

One person would draw up the smoke and someone else would swim under and suck in as much as they could and swim out

We also had the option to push it back down and rush the smoke into our lungs… I’m actually surprised we never hurt ourselves thinking about it now

I made a smoking device from a bicycle tire pump. Pull up to make burn and take smoke up the tube. Then you blast it into your lungs by pushing down. Called it the toxic tube.


Wait, do I know you? We did this exact thing, lol

We definitely do Bobby :grin:

@Bobbydigital 6’ tubes in the basement off the pool table also right?

Aw so close. The pool table was on the first floor.

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When I was stationed in Germany a buddy of mine rigged his gas mask so we could smoke hash. What. A. High. I got so high that I honestly thought I was gonna start trippin!

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