Most beautiful and best smelling strains

Wow. I wonder what it smells n feels like? Pretty cool though, too bad it’s not in stock. I don’t think anyone would think it’s cannabis if they saw it!

White Widow and Bruce Banner. Both are loud

IlGM blue dream? If so in their pics it shows as a purple bud variety which isn’t what my regular Cali blue dream looks like. Was yours a purple strain?

Yup but the breeder(sweet seeds) makes it in photo too same with black cream and red poison I wish they made tropicano poison in auto . fast buds also has some natural purps in BlackBerry and purple lemonade

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I heard they stink (from slymer) they re more of a hash variety

No it dosnt grow purple , only stems , buds are green and orange pistils

last blue dream was not a good grow for her and even then she tasted so good , cheese vanilla blueberries ,undertones of I don’t know what thaat makes everything blend, now I have 2 a lot better blue growing and attempting to root 2 more clones that how much I like it and besides it’s a moderate difficulty plant so wanted to learn to grow it right


Is the true color lime green? They looks cool but can’t tell if it’s just the pic n not a light green color in person.

Probably the light , the clones are light green but not the one flowering - color should not be light green

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I see. You know of any lime green or light green varieties with pretty flowers?

Not sure , any thing with lime on its name should normally would be light green if I remember right