Mosquito magnet CO2 generator

Been looking around the innerweb for ideas to increase CO2 levels in my 4x4 tent. My tent is in the garage COMPLETELY detached from the living part of the house. I’ve seen the yeast bottle ideas…even the hot water tank exhaust idea(not an option). Then it hit me…I have a “Mosquito Magnet” out in the shed. I’m curious if this thing could work? All you fellow McGyvers out there tell me what you think. Attached is a link to the Magnet…


Super interesting and I think it will work great but…

Have you considered how your gonna regulate it?
Cost comparisons between regular co2 and this stuff? I bet it doesn’t convert all the propane and I bet there is residual gasses which could be flammable. In a sealed environment, which a co2 room should be, and no regulator, you might be setting yourself up to passing out in your grow room.


Haven’t really thought about much…LOL. I know when I used the thing 5gallon tank of propane lasted about 3 weeks. No way to regulate…
Just had a flash of genius and thought I better run it by the group.

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I think it’s a good idea.

Buy a co2 meter, and they are not cheap, about $100 on Amazon and setup your machine up and start recording 6 or 7 times a day what your co2 levels are in an indoor environment. If they are exceeding 1600-1900 ppms them get that thing out of there but if your below that and lasting 3 weeks them keep me updated!!! Also look into the flammability issues.

I think your onto something, I think you just need to go a little deeper down the rabbit hole, a good joint will get you there



Interesting idea and great insight @TDubWilly. You’re the man :wink::v::bear:

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Funny that. $100 for marijuana related equipment seems cheap now. Ahhhh, perspective.


here are a couple pictures of the mosquito magnet without all its plastic housing. My guess it weighs less than 5 pounds. Pretty sure I can hang it safely over my tent with nozzle going into the top. I’m just not sure how much CO2 this thing will generate.


That is a great idea. I will indeed hey that to work for my in the near future g/room. It’s probably gonna need a couple of them for a 36 x 40 metal building. I know I can figure it out as far as regulating it and keeping on top of the ppm. Oxygen /acetylene regulators etc. On the same stand point, an Argon/co2 mix used for solid wire mig welding, could also do the trick. I’m new to growing, I’m currently in a nice closet grow set up, a 5x6x8. I have 6 thermocell personal mosquito repellent rigs going on in it, lol. Less the repellent patch of course. But, great idea on the magnet

I’m all about the McGyver…bottles are way too heavy for this old man to mess with. I’m going to keep moving forward…maybe try some bench top testing. The real trick is going to see how much CO2 this thing generates. I might be able to borrow a 5 gas meter…maybe. Right now all I can do is use a carbon monoxide detector and see if I can set it off. I will need to google and see what the threshold is for one. Any thoughts and/or ideas from you and the group are much appreciated.


OK…i’m back with an update…kinda. After fighting with my mosquito magnet and a faulty igniter I got it up and running. Purchased a CO2 monitor to make everything is up and running properly and I don’t gas myself. CO2 level inside the tent was 540ppm before I fired her up. Currently the level is about 1300ppm and very slowly climbing. Not sure how “CO2 tight” I will be able to make my tent. I sealed up the lower ducts, but haven’t tried sealing any other small holes.

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