Mosquito Bits Thank You

@MeEasy - Glad I found a top notch mentor - YOU!

I don’t know about all that but thanks :upside_down_face:

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@MeEasy. I hope you are well! The harem is doing good. They are already getting thirsty! It is now a gallon each twice a week instead of every 7-12 days when the were in veg. I have a lot of crowding and thinking about opening up the rest of the closet but I’ll need another light! Humidity is sitting between 50-60%. Temps are up but not bad. I am still veg feeding through the stretch - anything I should be mindful of?

I gave Gary, the GG4, some extra cal mag and she stopped losing so many leaves. I think I let them veg too long.

Careful with the water some might need it and others won’t you might have to water on different days it’s easy to over do it. It’s better a little dry then soup they’ll get sick. Humidity won’t be a big deal until your buds are formed, then you’ll want it to stay preferably under 50 it won’t be easy. Just keep fans going and defoliate anytime leaves are getting crowded, this will help with RH. You probably want to start with flower food and slowing down the veg. Start slow it’s easier to give more later than to overfeed and get em sick. It’s a balance and with experience you will learn to read the leaves, each plant might be a little different with food to. I can’t remember what you have for lights and space? I’m sure you told me but if you’ll say again so my lazy ass don’t have to go back to find it lol
Sorry for the book oops

@MeEasy. Thanks for the advice! Same thing you started with - cheap blurples! I’ll take my McGyver hack (guitar wick in a mason jar) for increased humidity out when lights come on. Junk room closet is 2x6 and if I declutter a bit more 2x8.

Just pulled 22 hours in two days and the owner sent an email that we’d all get a letter regarding our continued employment status tomorrow. I think only 3 of 11 will continue and I am not one of them. What the hay consulting sucks.

At least I will have more time to grow.

I guess it’s good you can look at the bright side, but losing your job sucks. Aw yes blurples I grew for almost 2 years with em. Great no will they work yes. I think you will be alright without expanding. It’s better to be a little crowded than to spread em out without light over them. If you can get a light that’s different. Key is to bend pull and tie em the best way you can to keep the top flat as possible so you can set your lights on em.

Hey @JaneQP In the 2 years I was playing with those blurple lights I tried multiple different types of training and found a manifold was the one I would get my highest harvest. I was thinking if you were interested in checking it out while you are waiting on your current grow to finish. I read up on two different growers that have had good tutorials on manifold or also known as main-lining. I can’t link them but if you search “nugbuckets” and “Nebulahaze” I have upgraded my lights and moved into a tent so I will be trying different techniques again so I can optimize my yield but I’m growing 9 plants right now and all 9 are manifolds so obviously I still like to do it.

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@MeEasy. Thanks! I will check out those two growers.

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Yeah if you search their name and manifold you should find them pretty easy.

@MeEasy. Humidity is finally under 60.

All dry to second knuckle and gave them all my veg nute mix and followed with a bit of bloom nute mix tonight.

I am growing one CO developed strain called Bordello-talk about great genetics! She’s bushy and responded to LST very well. I need to grab some clones.

Hope you are doing well.

I have a connection to get something called ?tangi dosados? for next grow. Ever heard of it?

I’m getting better every day thanks for asking. My girls are goin crazy in there :crazy_face: but they’ll be fine as long as I don’t get mold. Luckily I live in the desert and it’s easy for the most part to control humidity or at least keeping it down that is.

can’t say that I have. Tangi dosados what is this?

@MeEasy It think it is another hybrid out of CO - Tangie crossed with Dosido #13. Indica dominant.

She also has train wreck but I think that will be reserved for outdoors since it is Sativa dominant.

Glad to hear you are getting better!

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Lol I read it like it was a Spanish word not a weed strain. Sometimes I wonder how I even manage to get my shoes on lol duh

@MeEasy. LOL Spanish! Took three years of it and can read it, somewhat understand it, but can’t speak it since I can’t roll the R’s.

Did a semester of French and German and some Russian. Languages are not my friend.

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I can read and talk enough to get by but I saw dosados and I thought it was a new word :thinking: for me to learn

Gotta love those CO strains and their names.

Hello again
Just wanted to show you an example of how I do my plants to try and keep the canopy flat. I had a few branches that were growing faster than the others so I just bent em over to slow their growth and let the other ones catch up. This is the plan anyway lol

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Very nice! I tried the same but even with tie downs they are growing into one another! I am just so scared to clean up the larf and fan leaves. I have a chance I guess at 21 days in flower? I do snip the yellow ones at their end of life.

I’ll be braver next grow!

It is so damn hard to grab a branch and literally fold it in half but after you do it a few times it gets easier, you still don’t feel good doing it but it’s easier. Same thing with little buds around the bottom you think what if I give em a chance to grow but I guarantee after you do a dozen harvests you will get annoyed with them and happy to cut them off. Those little things once dry will take like 15 of them to make a bowl and are a pain during harvest to clean up.

I finally got in there awhile ago and did some trimming on them. I filled a 5 gallon bucket about 2/3 full and I was pushing em down. From the top you can’t hardly tell I cut anything off but from the side you can. I think 3 of them are males, they’re not far enough along to be sure so I didn’t kill them but by the way they’re growing I’m pretty sure. Guess we’ll know 4sure soon enough.


You have give me hope that in two weeks I will have the fortitude to do a bigger trim. I have whole branches that will not amount to anything.

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