Mosaic virus resistant strains


Do you offer any mosaic virus resistant strains or have word of a strain that customers have indicated may be more resistant than most?


It is a virus and can be avoided with simple hygiene and precaution gloves no contact with plants that carry it etc… if you already have it in your grow space than it’s a matter of finishing plants with it cleaning space before adding new plants


I understand it is a virus. I am a research microbiologist (35 years animal vaccine development) and understand biosecurity practices. However, I have an outside vegetable garden that is contaminated with cucumber mosaic, bean mosaic, tomato mosaic virus, wild violet ground cover which harbor the viruses, as well as I am a smoker. I would need a class three laboratory for a grow room. I admittedly have not conducted strict biosecure procedures in my basement and lost my Gold leaf plants to mosaic virus 5 weeks into grow. My AK-47 does not appear infected but I expect it may succumb at some point. That said, a “not so simple” solution to mosaic virus infections would be a GMO with a gene insert for resistance or a plant vaccine that would give cross protection against all mosaic virus that can infect cannabis. I’m considering making an attempt to investigate the development if they aren’t already availiable. But first, I need more information and acquisition of promising strains. Are there strains available thought to be more resistant than others or commercially available resistant strains that I can plant now and/or use as control strains in testing. The only information I have found in the scientific literature did show a bacterial plasmid, carrying tobacco mosaic cDNA, was effective as a vaccine for tobacco but this was done in 1986. I’ve not found further studies but am still searching. Additionally, tobacco mosaic virus is being used as a vector for delivery of human vaccines however these methods may not be applicable to plants. The optimal solution for my basement would be to find a resistant strain for grow. Thus is this two-fold inquiry. Any led, researchers, word of mouth, literature would be greatly appreciated. Ideally, there is a strain someone knows of and I can pursue both grow and research.


I have a feeling pure or landrace strains are more suceptible
Also mosaic virus is mechanically transmitted. I didn’t read that in your post. If you take that into consideration you limit exposure.


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