Morning Garden IV


Morning Folks @daz49 @Willd @Coltfire

Happy Lose an hour day in the NE US…hahaha I always enjoy the biothchin that comes with a not so universal time change.

I’m actually getting some stuff done around my grow op this weekend. Not sure why but, I’ve been in a rutt. Maybe times are a changing. I’ve kind of messed up my current grow by just not caring and I have found it less painful to just smoke more and care less. Oh well, hope you are all having a good time like the Man says!! Hang in there Peeps…


I know just how you feel bro and i think we both know why,but things will get better and they are both in a better place,good luck with your grow bro and I hope you start to feel better


Ding, ding, ding… Give that Man a cigar, we have a winner over here!!


Like I say Loki helps me out a lot and I still have the 4 dogs and I fed both my pythons last night so keeping busy is a lot to do with it and I get you with your grow ,I should have been repotting weeks ago,great looking stone,do you have it indoor or outdoor and is it in one of his favourite places ? It’ll get better bro and here for you anytime


My sister sent that to us. We plan to plant it next to our Gazebo in his fav. spot where he could see the driveway and all things happening in our yard. Another friend told us of another idea, to take his collar and tags, put it around his water bowl and make it into a planter. We’re gonna put that next to the stone. @daz49


That sounds great my friend, I’m trying to give you comfort and it brings it all back to me and i find myself tearing up and unable to speak,chaos was such a really big one for me and I’ve lost other dogs and stuff but we were so close and i had him a long time,i really understand how you feel,I’m right there with you bro


Apologies Man. My GF and I are basically a wreck here. My heart goes out to you Darren.


Sorry to hear about your loss…been through it several times… never easy … toke one for your buddy


@Screwauger ,I to know that feeling,I’ll be so glad when this grow is finished, then I mite get some sleep, that’s the only bad thing about outdoor grows, worried someone will take what I’ve worked so hard for, I a good note went to other site , to find one of the gsc hanging and dry, so I got to smoke a really nice smoke tonight, I’ve so missed this quality smoke., well it’s back to trimming,


Lush you bro,can’t wait to do my gsc but it’ll be indoor grow,I would be paranoid with outside grows like you do,I bet you have lost some to thieves, I hate those
@Screwauger thanks brother and I return the love to you both brother my heart is with you both


Pebbles the cockatoo has a string of abuse and good laughs on you tube. 20 or so vids I’m sure. Good medicine for a bad day. Highly recommended.


Knock on wood, have not lost any in about 15 years, but once they start to smell the neighborhood up, I sleep outside until harvest, as why I need a goodnight sleep




Need to do a sleepover with the Girls


I do every night, as why I need a good night sleep.


Almost 40 yrs ago did a grow on an island in Midwest and boy Was I nervous at the end…I can relate.


And a shotgun or cupla rabbit traps.or is that too far??:thinking::thinking::japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre:


I’ve been resigned to the same after getting one plant ripped last season.
Getting a turret mounted 50 caliber up on the garage roof has proven too challenging, so this season the grow is going to be behind 8’ alarmed gated fence with 24/7 HD video surveillance.


MMJ Monday
Whether it’s legal or not!
My 5g order of valencene isolate arrived Thursday so, I am vaping my own oranjuicy valencene heavy profile blend this morning. YUM! :yum:

I hope everyone is having a good time!


Good morning gardeners and stoners alike, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great,well yesterday after the blue skies I had hail and snow,well gotta all the stuff for the plants ordered so I can repot them all,got as much of the car stuff done just waiting on the paperwork to get it on the road, I hope you all have a great day

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