Morning Garden IV


Nice car, @daz49! An old coworker had one just like it. They put his steering wheel on the other side though :wink:


Thanks brother, I had a volvo 340 like 30 year’s ago, this is a few steps up on that lol


Yea it’s nice to have something you don’t have to fret over… lmao @elheffe702 that steering wheel is on the wrong side!


They’re good cars. I hope it serves you well. Same for your SSH…how’s it coming along?


Good choice @daz49 Volvo Has one of the best maintenance and safety histories of any manufacturer . Enjoy that smooth ride, I always thought it felt like I was wearing a Volvo instead of driving it LOL


Don’t know what your talking about @elheffe702 ,that steering wheel is on the correct


Nice ride brother! @daz49, I think there is a problem? Steering wheel is on wrong side …bwaaah… good luck with it, no smoking in it, you’ll kill that new car smell


Thanks fella’s,I’ve given it a little drive and it drives pretty smooth,just gotta sort the insurance and tax out and then I can give it a decent drive


@daz49 kudos on the new wheels! I wish diesel were more widely accepted here. All my best vehicles have been diesel powered, including my current 2016 Chevy Colorado. It’s a great alternative to the Silverado and gets 30mpg all day unless I’m towing my utility trailer.

Smokin Tokin Friday is here again!

I started taking 2 of my weed pills at night before bed and discovered that they are really helping me sleep through the night.

I still wake up ahead of the alarm clock (only about 10 minutes instead of 45-60+) & feel slightly groggy, but I’m not looking to get high before my feet even hit the floor in the morning anymore.

After being up for an hour, I took 1 big hit from each of 5 different oils I have on hand a couple of minutes ago and lemme tell ya, I feel fine.

I hope everyone is having a good time.


Have y’all seen this?!

Young and Gabbard introduce marijuana bill


Way past its time ! It wood be a win for everyone …


Good morning gardeners and stoners alike, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great, it’s still raining and grey skies here,not really up to much but not doing to bad, I hope you’re all doing well have a great weekend everyone

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Hey Darren! Frosty rooftops here today. Rain forecast for tonight.


Good morning @daz49!
Sunny, beautiful day here, snow is slowly melting.
Have a busy day on tap= some work, some fun.


Turns out there were a couple other bills submitted earlier. I haven’t seen Young’s bill but I’d be a bit concerned with what else he’s hidden in it.

This is one of the earlier bills (thank you to @blackthumbbetty for the link)

House bill 420


@daz49 ,hey brother, hope your feeling better, I have a couple of plants ready to come out today, so I guess that means I better sharpen the scissors. Have a great weekend garden dwellers.



We had 80 degrees today ! ! Tomorrow 42 for a high. To hell with that, I’ll get out some skywalker OG and have my own high inside !

Hope you are having a great day !


Smokin Tokin Sunday is here again!
Skywalker OG!

I hope everyone is having a good time!


Good morning gardeners and stoners alike, I hope you’re all having a great weekend and I hope your grows are doing great,it’s blue skies here atm,was raining hard but it’s cleared up for now,headaches have eased a bit,still had one the other night but not as bad,sleeping a bit more some nights,aching a lot and cramps in my chest and lungs are killing me but getting through,little Loki helps,he’s getting bigger now,looking amazing,my girls are coming along and need repotting but I haven’t got the stuff yet,have a great day everyone

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@Coltfire Brother I hope your harvesting is going well and your doing fine, I hope the weather is with you and everything goes to plan