Morning Garden IV


@daz49, got to love family, and you will just have to make them the best lemon cheese out , then give him just enough to see what he missed out on, lol weekend over here ,and glad it’s gone , was not a good one pain wise, went to bed with slight migraine, only to wake up couple hours later with a vomiting migraine, took another 5 hours to get back to sleep for an hour, but migraine has settled a touch thank God, enjoy your evening and happy growing all.


Thanks brother and yeah I get used to family being unappreciative,makes me want to not do any of them favours but I’m the eldest and to soft,really sorry to hear about your pain brother I really hate the severe painful headaches that keep you awake they are the worst kind,the lack of sleep leaves you more vulnerable to pick up what ever may be going around at the time, I hope your green is making things better for you,hang in there bro you are strong android tomorrow is another day


Morning gardeners and stoners alike, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great, it’s another grey day here and I have doctors today,have a great day everyone


You do the same @daz49


Sorry for your loss.


Makes me want to grow outside but I would have to stand guard 24. Besides that I could go to jail. Your plants are awesome and very healthy looking. GREAT JOB!


Well I’ve seen the doctor and she had me upto 300mg a day gabapentin and now shes put me upto 600mg a day going upto 900mg a day in 3 weeks and then I have another appointment,just got in and it was light rain with in minutes the sky turned black and the heavens opened,glad I missed that

After the rain,well still raining a bit just not as hard as it was,hope your weather is better


Get better my friend!


Thanks brother,just gotta watch out for any side effects lol,hopefully my ssh cured will be my best medicine


Good morning, y’all. I hope everyone is having a good day, smoking/vaping/eating the best of the best, and hopefully your world is at peace. @daz49 that rainbow doesn’t quit! Awesome! I’m wondering if @Willd takes Mondays off. :thinking:


It would be good if my green was helping, but unfortunately, I’m out and have to wait until harvesting, just like you went through, I do have plenty of hash, but that’s not the same, but will have to do for the month, if I wasn’t so low on cash I would grab some up the road.have to hate when the bills come in, electricity bill $587, council rates ,$1400 ,water bill $260, and they all come in a week apart.


The gsc is very easy to grow,the 1st one I had trouble with it budding very early, but I was able to cut the many branch and buds off and put it back to veg , only a few branches on 1st one .

but when you have a 3 ft bud come from it , it’s nice, That’s another 3ft bud joining up, This is the 2nd gsc and growing such big buds.


How did it go at the doctors ?


@Coltfire this is how the doctors went bro,ah so you make hash a,i really want to make it but haven’t tried it yet but,let’s see some of your hash bro


@Coltfire this one’s for you!
hope everyone is having a FAT tuesday!!!


Morning Gardeners!! Glad to see the big winds missed Ya @BIGE

Today is, wait for it, the day the dogs go home!!!

Hope you are all doing great, thanks!


Monday off?!?
I wish! No rest for the wicked. I just got up late yesterday and had a million other things to do. My daily post fell by the wayside.
It’s Smokin Tokin Tuesday and I’m back
OG Kush

Skywalker OG


I hope everyone is having a good time


Not my usual Youtube post but here’s another of my interests besides growing

I remembered the hog fence @ 1:12 is a Honeysuckle trellis


Trekkin through the outback with the Mutt. Looks great and I can already picture the marijuana farm!! Thanks @Willd


Nice spread you got there @Willd. Can’t wait to see it with your beasts later this spring.