Morning Garden IV


Thank you sir I didn’t notice the huge cake next to my name. Appreciate it!


Will and I are meeting up for lunch at a local Roast Beef Sandwich shop. It’s a little further for him than me but it’s in the vicinity of part way.

He’s just making sure he’s well primed and also, deciding which flavor he will have me sample.


Awesome I’m sure it’ll knock you off your socks.


Happy Birthday!


Thank you sir!


Happy Birthday @Midwestnewbie, hope you enjoy it and many more!


Happy Birthday @Midwestnewbie Hope you have a great day!


@HJL @Holmes thank you! Very much appreciated!


happy happy @Midwestnewbie


Thank you sir!


Happy Birthday @Midwestnewbie! Make it a good one :+1:


Appreciate it! @elheffe702




@Midwestnewbie happy Birthday,haven’t been around much today,not having the best day,pulling through,hope everyone is doing fine

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Hang in there @daz49. My day kinda sucks so far, too. But there’ll be another one tomorrow. :v:


You’re not wrong brother,just get through it and another one comes along,sorry to hear things aren’t great for you bro,tough it out your strong and you’ll get through it,anything I can do to help just say so


Thanks @daz49 appreciate it!


This week’s pics. Hope you enjoy.

This is my hedge, it’s so tite through the middle ,it’s hard to get hand through.
They are so bent over ,some of them are over 7ft, would love to let them grow straight up.but in saying that the bottom buds are getting so much bigger. Only a few weeks to go. Am using a new fertilizer called swell and boy are the buds doing just that.


Smokin Tokin Sunday is here!
Dog woke me frantic to go out & then went tearing through the snow after something!

I hope everyone is having a good time!


Good morning gardeners and stoners alike, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great, it’s a really grey really rainy day here,it’s raining hard,headaches and sickness and cramps overnight but not to bad,my brother came and got his dog back after we looked after her for a week while they took their kids to Disney land Paris,came late and didn’t stop just grabbed her quick,another brother was supposed to be dropping in with a clone,I was trading it for 2 lemon cheese but he didnt bother so I guess I’ll grow them,have a great weekend everyone

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