Morning Garden IV


That GM battery cost around 250 bucks or more that is why it lasted so long ,that 100 dollar Mega mart battery will last you a couple months past prorating. They have it all figured out for us, eh?LOL


You bet! I know how the story goes without a doubt.


We have the opposite problem, here in the desert, but also very hard on batteries. Also a useless story lol, but that’s really cool of you @daz49. Let me know when my package is ready, and I’ll get my address to you! :v: :wink:

I’m sleeping better lately, but my headaches have been worse during the day. Something weird going on, but that’s becoming typical :man_shrugging:

I hope everyone is having a great day and growing trees.


Thmokin Tokin Thursday is here!
Hit that Granddaddy Purple!

Hit that Skywalker OG!

I hope everyone is having a good time


Morning Dewd. Pineapple bong hit’s here and do they ever taste sweet!!!

Have a super day Willd and all of the Gardeners etc


Morning gardeners and stoners alike, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great, it’s raining here today,just having a cuppa and then try getting the car going,typically it has to rain,no worries get to it get through it

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Good morning everyone. Bright sunny cold day here today. Still digging out. Had over 8 inches of snow yesterday. Hope all the grows and growers are doing great. Have a good day all.


Some good news,after charging the battery overnight managed to get the car started and popped the package in the post for my son,I’m feeling much better now, I was outta breath and in pain for a bit and it was worth it ,still got big decisions to make on the car and the speedo has stopped working to but at least I know I can still get to the doctors appointment on the 4th,
@Holmes thanks for your help brother,my son is very happy and waiting for the post now lol


Thought I’d show off my new pond , the fish out grew there tank and then the 1st pond they were in ,so had to buy a new one .
This the filter for the pond ,one big arse filter it won’t let me upload the video of the waterfall running


Smokin Tokin Friday!
The Fri-est day of the week!

I hope everybody is having a good time


Whether you’re down under or up over…
The only way to get videos here is to upload them to YouTube first and then put a link to it in the your post.


Morning peeps!! TGIF is all I can say. It’s been a week and I am ready for my weekend!! Have fun (as the Man says)


Good morning Everybody!
It’s been one crazy, busy week with work.
Glad it’s Friday!
Hope you all are enjoying your week :grinning:


Good morning everyone,great news today my son got his package today and he was very very happy,literally dancing, I got pictures of spliffs telling me he loves it and loves his dad lol I would to if my dad grew weed and sent me some lol,other than that headaches last night and stomach cramps but as long as he’s happy I’m happy today,back to rain here,have a great day everyone

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Double Barrel Smokin Tokin Saturday!


Indativa mix, it’s what’s for breakfast!!



Phil just awesome!!!


Mornin all hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Double fisting already @Willd I like your style!


Happy Birthday @Midwestnewbie
Hope its a good one for you!!