Morning Garden IV


Sorry for your loss, we feel your pain @HJL


Sorry for you loss @HJL. Bro, lost my chow in December so I know how you feel,keep strong bro and know you loved him and gave him the best life


Good morning gardeners and stoners alike, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great, it’s a sunny day here,didn’t sleep much with cramps and pains and another headache,not nasal though so that was better at least,not to worry its another day and I’m sure everything will settle down,have a great day everyone

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Got my confirmation today that my girl Scout cookies seeds are on the way whoop whoop


Sorry for your loss @HJL I’m still feelings the effects of putting mine down, think good thoughts about him!!!


I’m sorry about your loss @HJL. Big bummer, man. Be well. Rough morning here, as well. I had a bad headache most of last night, but I did get some sleep. Just pushing through. Keep warm everyone!


Sorry to hear you had a rough night bro, I hope you’re feeling better through out the day and have a better night tonight,keep pushing through brother you are strong,always here for you when ya having a rough time brother


You will really like them ,good all rounder,looks like a few of us had rough night and no sleep, I got to sleep only to wake screaming in pain and leg cramps.


Wacky Weed Wednesday is upon us again!

I hope everyone is having a good time.


Morning Gang!



Good morning everyone. Feeling a bit better today. Lots of snow here calling for 5 inches. Got to get the shovel out later. Hope everyone has a great day and happy growing.


Sorry for your loss of one of your pets @HJL, they do become like family. When you feel sad, just think of al of their little Quirks and the times they made you laugh. I feel for you on the snow, it is 65 F here but I have shoveled my share of snow. I grew up on a 500 acre farm, the first thing we had to do when a storm hit was find a tractor to and dig it out so we could dig everything else out. It was a mile and a half to a gravel road. Looking back… we had it made.


Thanks @Holmes you made me laugh. Digging out the tractor must have been fun…not.
Would have loved growing up on a farm. I love animals but it hurts when you lose one.


I seem to have that effect on people, I always heard it was better to be funny than to be funny looking LOL I always look at my pets as being family members and when I lose one ,yes I (a 56 year old former US Marine) cry like a baby, I mean man they love us because they want to you know and that makes it special. I always thought if we could judge character as well as a dog would we choose the same way?


Good morning gardeners and stoners alike, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great,I’ve been having a fair bit of pain but I put a little package of my ssh all ready to post off to my son,it’s been wrapped and sprayed with smellies to make it seem like from a girl and went to drive down to post it off to him and the car won’t start,what a bad day,i can see it needing to get replaced and i really can’t afford it right now and i was just trying to do something nice for my son,it would have made me feel a little better, I hope you’re all having a much much better day


@daz49 do you know what the issue with your car is. I am a GM certified tech maybe I can help… dang I sounded like someone on one of those answer sites. Any way if I can help I will.


Thanks bro,I’m hoping it’s just something with the battery,it’s not even turning over and the electric’s just keep clicking on and off or just off,nothing I’ve had before,I’ve only just spent £450 on the bearing in December and it’s been messing up bit by bit,its never right when ATS fix it, it’s due a new MOT beginning of March but I think I may have to find the money to replace it ,so I’m gonna try taking the battery off and charging it up,even the alarm on the remote has stopped working so I’m really thinking battery for now bro,what do you think


That’s what it sounds like, cold weather is death to a battery with a low charge. Without a charge they can actually freeze. If you have a volt meter you can test it if it is below 12v on a12v system then it does need charging , if you have a multimeter you can also check the amperage and find a chart that tells you what amps to charge at and how long, and make sure to charge in an isolated well vented area.


Thanks brother much appreciate your help,I’m gonna get the battery off later ( it’s a big hill to climb to get to my car) brings it in and charge it up overnight and fingers crossed it’ll work tomorrow, I just wanted to do something nice for my son,just to make me feel better


I had an s10 I bought new in 98. I was worst about maintaining other than fluid changes. Anyway, factory delco battery made it 11 years and puked on a partly cloudy and 80 degree day in may. Useless story, but thought you may appreciate being a gm tech.