Morning Garden IV


Good morning all garden dwellers here are some pics of 2nd site.

Some of these are 7/8 ft


1st and last pic are of white widow will definitely grow this again. The other’s are GSC, power of Africa and Jack heria.


Ganja galore @Coltfire


@Screwauger , 4/5 more weeks for most of them, then it will be lots and lots ,hoping for around 25 pounds from 3 sites, i still have a 7ft plant in veg state, the write up says 9/10 ft with a 2 pound harvest, so looking forward to that turning.


Nice growing there brother,you’ll have a bumper harvest there,do you have friends or family helping you? What was the gsc like to grow? I have some seen coming


I have a few gsc down and everyone was different to grow but all have massive buds growing. Yes have family helping.


Love him, but man can he ever rip a fart!!




So does anyone know what’s happening on the site? With not being able to edit or add something to what you have said on your thread or anywhere else, I love just adding bits as I forget loads at the time lol and what happened to the last morning garden

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No idea. It seems to be happening the past day or so . I would think someone is on it.


The explanation I read was that if someone were to edit or remove their post much after a conversation about their post has taken place, someone reading the conversation later might not be able to decipher what was being discussed as well. I feel like it’s not much different to just add another post correcting yourself or whatever. Small stuff.


MMJ Monday.
Whether it’s legal, whether its not!

Getting prepped…
I have a wintery mess to clean up come daylight.
Glad MrsWillD has the day off.

I hope everyone is having a good time.


Good morning gardeners and stoners alike, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great,it started out foggy again but has cleared to a sunny day,had another rough night,still suffering on these new tablets but hanging in there its just building up the strength,love hearing from you all,keep strong everyone, I hope you’re all having a great day

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Smokin Tokin Tuesday is upon us again!
Windy as sin here yesterday & overnight

Enjoying my aspire k2 atomizer full if Granddaddy Purple oil.

I hope everyone is having a good time.


pepe thought you had his girlfriend…lol


Morning Gents. Colder than a witches tit out there. Had to walk two dogs in -3 windchill. Grrrrrrrr


Sad morning for me. I lost of my pets last night. He was old but it still hurts. Hope everyone has a great day. Very cold here as well.


Sorry brother, it’s hard to see them go.


It is indeed. Thanks @dbrn32 It’s going to be a long day for me.


Sorry for your loss @HJL