Morning Garden IV

Hey you still into making gummies thinking about trying .

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Yes I love my gummies,it’s my favourite way to take it as a medicine,they have helped me reduce my prescription pain meds a lot and they help me with my appetite to and of course they are tasty and fun to eat

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Yeah I’m looking maybe start making some. Do you have the Mb machine. I’m looking to maybe getting it.

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Yeah I have the MB2 and I use it to make the tincture

Good morning gardeners and stoners alike, I haven’t been on in a long time as I haven’t done a grow in about a year ,not that I haven’t wanted to just going through some stuff but I have a grow thread going now and I have some new news to pass on , I have a new little fella in the house and I’ve been dieing for him for ages so take a look

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He’s totally adorable and also I have always done my grows using HPS but my brother has talked me into trying Mars Hydro which he has been using for a few grows

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Let me see what you think, I haven’t seen anyone around for a long time so I hope you’re all still around and you’re doing well

I can’t see my pictures in the previous one so I’ll try again

That was my new chow puppy and here’s my new light


Awesome on the new pup my friend. :clap::clap:
What size is the new light if you don’t mind. Just curious. :wink:

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Thanks bro,he is adorable ain’t he,I’ve always had black ones in the past but I decided I wanted a cream one this time, and I had a look for you and it’s the TS1000 which is 150w

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That should work well for a couple plants brother.
Should run a lil cooler than the hps too.
I got an sf 2000 200 w from spider farmer that I’m running in my 2 1/2 x 5 tent. Works well so far for veg.

Hope you have a good one my friend.

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I am doing super silver haze and blueberry , I have a smaller grow room now for just 2 plants at a time and I’ve decided to get another one the same size and have them side by side


Plants looking good brother. :clap::clap:
A second light in there will make them rock. :+1:
Very nice.



Thanks bro, I have ordered the other light and it should be turning up tomorrow,I’m hoping they’ll lap that up a treat

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Here it is with both lights