Morning Garden IV


Ah mr @Willd. If you’re making your own vape and its tasty and fine,any chance you can sell and send that stuff my friend


ThisThis is pineapple expess, would it of qualified for nom if brought through here.:grin:


@Coltfire it’d definitely be in the running! Nice work :clap:


Yeah. Making my own potent tasty vape by diluting rosin with terpenes.
Preferring it to flower, capsules or other edible, and even dabs.
Finding the right atomizer cartridge/battery combo has been the biggest challenge. More and more cartridge manufacturers are making them specifically designed for thicker oil & distillate now.

So far the best one has been one made for nicotine “juice”, but it has cotton in the wick and spits back if I don’t put a paper filter in the drip tip.
The only real con of making and vaping your own oil that I have discovered is that the atomizer coils and/or cartridges are consumables. You can refill them a few times if you’re lucky, but they all eventually require replacement. The bigger nicotine tanks suggest a 2-3 week coil replacement interval.
I’m still doing testing, ahem, correction, full scale research, on some different types and brands of cartridges. Those include the Amigo V9 from a friend, and the X5 which were ordered with some very inexpensive guaranteed leakproof CCELL knock-offs from the Far East. Hopefully they get here before Christmas.


Smokin Tokin Tuesday is here again!

I finally swung by the local grow shop with all the pallets stacked up outside and picked up a dozen gallon and a half nursery pots and permission to take all the pallets. That’s a huge score for us! Just holding out now for Lowes or Home Depot to put the 7 foot metal fence posts on sale so we can start stockpiling those as well.

I hope everyone is having a good time!


Good morning gardeners and stoners alike, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great, it’s another rainy day here,
@Willd. Good to hear about your vape making,so any chance you can sell me some and can you mail it to me brother,your doing amazing stuff
Have a great day everyone

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Good morning Daz! and the rest of the gang.
Work has been busy. I slept until 7am this morning when my alarm went off.
Hope everyone has a great day!


Mornin @daz49 and the gang. Just trying to keep up with @Willd!


Everyday I look forward to your message @daz49 really appreciate it buddy


Need to shovel all that snow first @Willd


Unfortunately not @daz49. next time I make a batch I’d be glad to post a video of what you need to DIY though


Wacky Weed Wednesday is here again.
A little Skywalker OG to start the day!

I hope everyone is having a good time


Good morning gardeners and stoners alike, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great,it’s another rainy day in Wales surprise surprise lol,had a rough night with coughing and breathing, I couldn’t even load my nebuliser, I was shouting my sister and getting quite panicked ( I didn’t tell her that though) ,she had to load it while I tried to calm myself down a bit,and the coughing is hurting so bad,but today is another day and who knows what life has in store for us today,other than that I should be able to repot all of my girls today and I gotta drive into town,have a great day everyone

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Mornin buddy! Hope you get some relief today.


Thanks brother I try to take each day as just one day at a time so I try ( not always succeeding) not to let everything build up on me,this group is great to reach out and get a friendly ear ,started my new grow thread yesterday and they help me a lot to

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Just getting my day started…
Hope all is well with all my fellow cultivators…
Sending good vibes to all of you…


Good morning Daz!
Tag me in your new grow thread, if you would.
I’d like to follow along.


Oh there you are. Had to jump over a few garden fences to find this place again. Did the old garden get killed, I mean tilled.


that shirt is far out man!


On song @Willd. Your a busy bloke too. Don’t forget the turret. Ya laughing.