More trouble with my plants help

hi ive done few post on these seed they are the worse ive ever done kings kush i had to flip to flower as they been in vig 8 to 9 weeks and not grown more than 10 inches now am getting the plant looking like this i have done everything flushed with ph water about 3 time dryed out

they are not over waterd they have had just under 1 liter each thursday night 30 june on my dripper system

my set is good 3 600 watt hps with digital ballast

8 inch in take out take sms fan controller with prob on for temps

temps dont go past 27 and 20 when light off
humidty 66 to 72

canna a canna b root excel and superthrive ph of 6.2 to 6.3 (there is no nitrogen in tank so its not nitro problem

this strain is driving me mad now i have been growing for 3 half years never ever come across this need all help can get now

This may help?

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also forgot to say am in coco

If your in Coco/hydro your PH should be around 5.8. You maybe experiencing some lock out with your PH that high. Also be sure to be using Cal/Mag as the coco likes to keep that all to its self and deprive your girls from it. Just a few things I’ve learned but some pros should chime in soon enough.


i need a real pro if anyone knows any i was told to put my ph to 6.3 last time i already had it set at 5.8 and he said the plants wont take up in the 5s region can some pro please help and thanks jbum

@WickedAle maybe able to shine some light on this for ya. I was just passing on the info I have gathered.

Good luck bro!

cheers bro never had problem b4 just baffling me now pissing me off hahaha

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I hear man! I am a visual/hands on type of guy perhaps this may help as well.


i dont have ec reader i will have to dry them out but i already flushed them 3 timeand dryed out they were really lite so i gave them liter each so should i feed till run off i have nver had problems b4 i have never ph my run of belive it or not and i allways get good weed

can i take a sample of my coco and do ph test