More sexy stuff

Checked in a few weeks ago to see if this stinker is a hermie… I’m seeing new development that I can’t ID but looks like boy parts​:expressionless:. Appreciate any wisdom. Give thanks.:pray:t3:

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Last pic definitely looks like boy parts


Yup…I concur its a Dude looks like a lady. :pensive:


I thought so, too, but I have big, fat pistils already out at the top, coming down about 8 nodes. My dude parts are heaviest around 4-5 nodes down but aren’t on every growth tip. I thought the pistil/balls combo indicated a hermie, but I’m not an expert by any means.

Looks like your plant is crossdresser.


Oh noooooooo. Not another Tranny Planny :-1:
Snip, snip pretty damn quick :axe: :axe: :axe: :axe: :scissors: :scissors: :scissors:


Balls… Literally.

So, I picked a bunch of the balls off but left some just to make sure I was right. Some of them are now showing pistils…?!

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Looks like you licked off lady parts, calyxes.


Glad you corrected that! I was getting some very disturbing images.


The ones I took off were not quite whole flowers (the little yellow ones) but they were opening up to be the same shape. Since then, I’ve narrowed down only 3 branches that aren’t showing any signs of manhood. -_-

I wanted to try and harvest the pollen, but I was afraid I would mess it up and, therefore, seed my definite ladies. Any tips if I feel brave in the future?

I wouldn’t collect any hermie pollen, just going to make more hermies if you use it.

But if you wanted to, you can just cut off a branch with male flowers, put in it a cup of water far away from your plants (other side of house) and put over a piece of foil and collect the pollen as it falls or shake over an envelope when it’s releasing pollen.

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I did not know that. Give thanks.:pray:t3: