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We can’t find this info anywhere…so you mix up your nutes, lets just use a gallon for reference…so how much do I give each plant? For indoors and outdoors? The whole gallon per plant? Or what? Thanks for answering all our wierd questions!


Indoors you give enough slowly untill you see some coming out the bottom of the pot.
Outdoors I will have to let another answer. I would guess it depends on in ground or in pots. In pots would be the same as indoors.


I water the outdoor inground when the leaves show some underwater droop and i soak them and wait again


@kgoemaat I may be wrong,but somewhere I heard an approximate approach. Something like 10% of the container size. So for my outdoor 25g,I do about a little over 2 gallons. That usually gets the droop out,so to speak.
Indoors, it has been a while for me,so I cannot guesstimate properly. I know some have trays at the bottom of the container-and reapply that back into the medium/container.
But I learned to be careful on the doses. I shoot for under the recommended levels rather than over.
Hope this helps. :pray:

SL out.


Thank you all for your answers, you all are a great help!

For a plant in a 3 gal grow bg, about 1.5 gal water

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