More Problems leaves look weird

First I want to thank all of you for helping me out on last post. Theses are clones from plants in my last post but are in my basement. Unknown seeds in potting soil mixed with peatmoss just watering now need to get fertilizer and its a 1000 watt light that I think is to hot. the leaves curl up is it to much water or not enough . I have dehumidifier running in basement but shut it off to see if it would help leaves… Why are leaves curling up.

Natural lighting will really assist in understanding what’s happening to your leaves.

Looks like it’s probably too warm, and needs water. Lack of humidity possibly. But if you’re flowering in another tent, I would continue with it running. If not shut it off. All I have with the crazy lighting.


Agree with @Covertgrower (happy anniversary, btw!), looks like the heat is burning them. What’s the temps?

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