More prep going on - $250 USD so far


I’m looking for advice, and the vipar seems like a good idea - just not soon. I blew my budget on soil this month because dirt is the best investment of all. I have lots of it now…

If you think in terms of what you will get at the end of it all - one or two hundreds is small change compared to the worth of the end result… A POUND of herb is highly valuable considering an ounce out of sixteen is considered 300 bucks on the average

And again, I don’t intend to sell but to just HAVE it

Such pretty plants, they are absolutely wonderful. I wonder if the plants know that we love them? Does that make them become better? It seems to me that nurturing life must have some affect. Play with a puppy and we have fun, play with a marijuana plant and what happens? I just don’t know…

It is an interesting notion

What if we could talk to plants?


You can! They especially hear you when you give them what they want. I learned it’s best to listen to them telling you what they want. They need a good amount of light, a little food, and just the right amount of water.


I’m hoping for a pound of herb or more this next go around. Proper lighting is key, and I’m doing it right this time around. @FrikkinFrank


What I am using as “GROW SPACE” is a standard tub and shower enclosure, so you can figure about six by two and as tall as a common room, say about eight feet in height.

This gives about 96 cubic feet, and what that is in meters I think you can convert easily

For a set of four plants this is kind of compact, but more than that for my own use would be too much. FOUR POUNDS of pot is to me almost unimaginable… I mean scheisse - a pound of weed could be about $2,800.oo (USD). What are we talking about here? All I need is enough to be happy!

  • I got a Durban Poison sprout to come up today too - and that is going to be awesome. Pure sativa! This spaces the plants about a month apart, and I think that is ideal. Tomorrow I will begin to set up five gallon planters made from buckets so that it is more space conservative

One of the things I want to try is to measure an exact five gallons to see if I can trim the buckets to a precise size for growing. I can get buckets from a guy I know who paints for a living, but I think they are a bit bigger than five gallons

I still have to unload my car - I have about two hundred pounds of excellent soil out there in my front yard… I know now that Sta-Green blows Miracle Grow totally away, but the ammendments I also got should accellerate it a bit as well


I know you said you blew your budget on soil but these are relatively inexpensive and I highly recommend using these instead of buckets. They are much better for your plants and their roots.


What I wish I could have found was Azomite… But we can’t all be from Hawaii can we?

Hawaiian herb from back in the nineties was amazing… And I guess I know now why that was.
Volcanic minerals made the soil it grew in phenominal


I would listen to @Tylan. The smart pots are the way to grow. Makes the roots do much better than buckets and not very expensive. Also helps to avoid over-watering because you can just feel them to see if they are wet. Can’t do that with a bucket.


I’m at my budget limit, and also have a “FULL BATHTUB” :call_me_hand: at this point, so those will have to be for next time. They (the grow bags) do look like they would be a lot lower in height and much more space conservative and convenient.

Does anyone know what the recommended best minimum light measurement at the base of the plants ought to be? According to my 3-way meter I’m reading right at 500 at the soil level and I’d like to refine this to a standard for MJ


I’m not sure what you are reading at 500 @FrikkinFrank but you need 30-50 watts LED per sq foot. You have 12 square feet 360 - 700 actual watts total. You would then follow the manufacturers recommendations for distances or set the lights at these heights if you don’t have any other guidance.

Here’s a chart for LED lights, it’s for equivalent watt, so if your LED light is 300W follow the chart for it, it’s not made for actual or real draw and it’s an approximation, that clarify, here it is :

120 W to 180W ~1.5 feet
180W to 300W ~2.0 feet
300W to 600W ~2.5 feet
600W to 1200W ~3.0 feet
1200W to 2000W ~3.5 feet

Hoping that’s helping as many as fellow growers possible. from Niala

I just harvested a gold leaf last week that was 18 ounces wet. She’s still drying. I scrogged and vegged for 8 weeks. A few tweaks I am sure I could have gotten another half pound NP.


I have one equivalent to 1200W, another on the way that I need to “VET” before I believe the advertised rating. Actual space in the “TUB” is around 4.5 feet by 2 with reflective mylar all around