More pot please

I have been growing auto’s for a few grows now. I have done Amnesia Haze, AK 47, Northern Lights, and BGL. They have all produced first rate stony weed, however, they are only making about an ounce of pot once dried. How do I make more?

Inside grow (dedicated back bedroom), living earth super soil, 5 gal cloth pots, 250 watt (1500 equivalent) full spectrum LED grow lights, water ph. from the tap is 6.8 and I have been using AN Micro, Grow, and Bloom for nutes watering every 3-5 days.

Light. You need more light, for sure.

I never like the phrase “pH is such and such from the tap”, because it makes me worry that’s the only pH measuring a grower is doing.

Also Super Soil does not require synthetic nutrients! You’re overfeeding, plus killing off your microherd with the salts in AN.

Autos can be easily stunted early in life. Over/under watering, bad pH, low humidity, poor feeding regimen (such as using Super Soil AND Nutes), inappropriate lighting, etc can all work to reduce your autos’ yields.


Are you training them at all? If left alone to be natural it won’t produce much but if you do some LST (low stress training) you can double your yield I trained my autos and I got 2-3 oz dry from each. Look up LST it’s too easy not to do


Nothing more needs to be said. Listen to BTB; she pegged it.


Agree - might need to change that name to green thumb Betty pretty soon :wink: doesn’t have quite the same ring to it


Also try growing in coco. Plants grow faster, so even though most autos flower after 4-8 weeks. the faster the growth, more weed you will have. I grow autos in 7 gallon cloth pots and pull 8+ ounces off each plant

More light as stated above.

Just a thought. Start growing photos. I veg for 5 weeks and then another 8 to 11 weeks to harvest. It very similar time frames to autos. Autos are temperamental whereas photos are extremely forgiving.

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