More Nutes with Happy Frog?

I’m using all FFHF soil and Flower Power nutes can I use more nutes since it don’t have as much as OF Thanks

Are you following the nutrient feeding chart @Gonnatry2 for the flower power nutrients?

Are you checking TDS or ec?

@bob31 yes I have the chart. I used it last time with FFOF I’m just using HF this time didn’t know if I could go a little stronger haven’t fed them yet 30 days old

@bob31 Do u need to use cal-mag with r/o water ?

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I give cal-mag with tap water, but only in flower. I follow the bottle.

I am experimenting with Happy Frog brand currently with my winter greenhouse grow…
Still amending it with what homestead produces ( I dont use any synthetic nutes whatsoever)
I am sure it will need some guano for flower time, but we will know by february :wink::wink::wink::wink:

@bob31 @Ragnar Thanks for the info. If I have any more ?'s I will tag u. Thanks again


@bob31 @Ragnar Got another ? (lol) when is the best time to water beginning middle or end of light cycle.

I water mine mostly in the morning, I dont know if it makes too much difference, but I think if you are feeding, then you should feed and water at the beginning of a day…
@bob31 will tell you best way, I dont have enough experience indoor growing to be the mentor …
Anyway, you will be in good hands…
Happy growing !!!

I also try to feed/ water mine in the morning, but we all have lives. I always try to do it by mid day at the latest. I like the soil to dry some before the lights go out so that we don’t grow any molds or mildews.

I don’t think feeding them late in the day once in a wile would be a deal breaker @Gonnatry2

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Well said brother :wink:

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you nailed it bro! @Ragnar

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Thanks brother :smiley:

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@bob31 @Ragnar That’s what I’ve been doing and it’s about that time of the day to do it. Thanks again


Happy growing :wink::wink::wink:!!!

@Ragnar @bob31 @Gonnatry2 watering and feeding should occur with at least 5 hours of day following to allow uptake of nutrients. Timing can be more important in flower due to the issues with humidity and an earlier watering can help reduce humidity at night when temps drop.


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Agreed. Thank You! Exactly what we both said! @Myfriendis410


@Ragnar @bob31 @Myfriendis410 At night can you let your humidity drop down low.

Especially when you in flower, the lower humidity the better when lights off…

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It’s not ideal in veg, but you REALLY want low humidity during flower!