More jacks questions

I have Molasses and seaweed extract left over from my organic grow. Wondering if i should use it with this next grow now that im using Jacks. if yes how often? and should it be a separate watering or with the nutes?

Would making compost teas with the left over organic Fert. ( that im probably never going to use) help this grow? or be overkill?

Also im using rainwater, after mixing i PH it always test about 8.2 1st, then steadily goes down to 6.2 in about 2 mins. Any reason for that?


Compost tea wont hurt. My girls are fed well, i give molasses about every third watering while in flower. Im making up a worm tea with seabird guano and molasses now to feed with tomorrow night to give them a boost going into week 5.


I’m in Coco and I use jacks.

My base feeding regimen:

Jacks at 4/2, armor si, fulvic, terps plus, on frequent fertigation system feeding 5 times per day. Throughout entire grow. It’s all reservoir safe.

Once a week I do
Fish Sh!t
TPS Billions
RAW Cane Molasses
Photosynthesis Plus
Kelp It Real (during veg, occasionally early to mid flower)

This mix goes directly in with the jacks regimen listed above. Then hand fed, these additives are not reservoir safe.


What does the Raw cane molasses do.

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Its a crystalized mess free molasses. Mixes really fast. Helps keep microbe life fed, and theoretically can help with flavor.


Ty that’s great! Didn’t know I could mix the Molasses and seaweed into the Jacks fertigation.
Also, I have veg and + Bloom top organic dressing, could i utilize this also somehow? or unnecessary?

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The weekly products are not reservoir safe and have to be fed independent of the system once a week. My base is all safe to run through lines.I can’t comment on the organic amendments but if you are feeding jacks I wouldn’t bother. One way or the other type of deal.

These plants really don’t demand all that much and you can get away with relatively basic feeding regiments. I just shared what I use. You could do a whole grow with only jacks.


My mistake with the wording i top water my coco. NO systems.

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Nice! Yeah you are good then. Be sparing, you really don’t need all that much. I usually use half strength of whatever it calls for when it comes to things like molasses and seaweed or kelp.