More issues, advice please

And you’re 100% positive your lights are running a 12/12 light cycle? It looks like shes not fully flowering for some reason. Very strange!


Im guess is hermie, mutation, or bad genetics.


White widow auto flower
And I have read light matters not with autos
24/0, 20/4, 18/6, 12/12 no matter.
Is that not correct?

It’s more accurate to say that darkness doesn’t matter, as Auto seeds have a biological time clock from seed to flower. Saying it this way implies it still needs light to grow and produce G3P, or carbohydrates, to build more plant matter.


Photosensitive Seeds that require ~12 hours of darkness, replicatin season change, to trigger the flowring cycle.


I know you said it supposed to be an Auto, but I think I would change to a 12/12 light cycle anyway. I don’t see any flowering, and sounds like that plant should have finished before now.

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Agreed, is it possible it’s not an Auto?

Well I ordered 10 White Widow from ILgM so that’s what I ordered, I am a novice. So that’s what was on the package and what I ordered.

So 12/12 it is :neutral_face:

“Auto” was on the packaging? Or just “10 White Widow”. Maybe Customer Support can help you?

Anyways I recommend a (non-digital) timer, about $6-10US.

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Yes auto on package
I have a timer
Putting her in 12:12 now

Has @MacGyverStoner or @latewood seen your pics? They should be familiar with different phenotypes of seeds sold here I’m sure.

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I don’t know if they have seen them

I didn’t realize they were auto flowers, because you’re right about the light cycle not needing to be 12/12 for the plant to flower if it’s an auto flower. That’s really weird @mannie!

I’m thinking misprint on label, and not Auto.

I ordered 10 feminized auto flower white widows. 1 out of ten actually germinated. Stacey at ILGM sent out replacements which is what we see in another thread.

The only thing I can figure on big girl is since she had some issues, weeks 5-8, had mag def and nutrient lockout. Flushed and started adding FF big bloom and tiger bloom because it started to flower. Maybe that through it off and my low level lights. I don’t know but she is on 12/12 so we will see what happens👍🏽

Hey guys. Sorry to be late to the conversation.

When I look at that picture. I see a lot of plant in very little medium. Possibly this is a root bound issue.

Dumme mentioned hermie, and my eyes are not good enough to see the images clearly. IMO Dumme knows what he is seeing! :slight_smile:

the yellowing tops in one pik made me think of Nitrogen deficiency, then I saw the 1/2 filled 3 gallon pot. I think that is the cause of the issue.

The soil has compacted from a previous flush. It had a nitrogen deficiency back in June as well as magnesium. Some of the leaves are from that time. I flushed it down to under 200 ppm and started with fox farms big bloom and tiger bloom. Once that was added, huge growth spurt at top of plant. Along the stem there are many buds but they are small. I don’t know what to do. I have three seedlings that will need the box in a week, smh :neutral_face:

<img src="//" width=“375” height=“500”>an inch from top line of pot

Where my finger is pointing, all above was since Fox Farms, two weeks of nutes

It is really hard to tell but, I think you may have too high humidity, or you are over watering

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Humidity is between 41% and 55%
Overwatering could be it, the soil has high water retention. What I do is lift it after I water and each day I pick it up and when it is extra light, I water. Temps the last week are a high of 84 and a low of 79. Normally, today would be watering day, but I will wait until Friday. Also, I stick my finger into the dirt at least 2 inches down and if it is dry I am inclined to water. But I will wait- today I will be at work almost 16 hrs so it will be after 9 tonight when I can check it again.

With this plant, it will delay my new seedlings. I only have one light so I will use it for this one, 400 watt hps will arrive Monday. But my seedlings will suffer :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

Man that would be terrible
If that’s the case
4 months wasted :weary::weary: