More issues, advice please

Don’t know what is going on now, had what I thought was a magnesium deficiency a couple of weeks ago. Seemed to rebound and now lower leaves falling off, top leaves curling upwards and downwards. Help

White widow, 103 days old.

This is most likely a pH and or a nutrient salt toxicity that has built up in your soil over time, this can be estimated by checking the pH and EC/TDS/PPM of the run-off that comes out the bottom of the container after watering. Or you can get special soil probes, but the accurate ones are very expensive. Digital EC or TDS meters are often much less expensive, as well as with the digital pH meters

These, the ph being in an improper range and a nutrient or mineral salt building up to a toxic level, can cause the aforementioned magnesium deficiencies.

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How many days in flower? @Mannie

5 weeks, smh :weary:

She’s looking rough my friend! I wish I knew how to help!

Looks like a total loss, maybe three four weeks to the end of flower. Not enough time, it’s an auto

Not a total loss at all, you learned a lot from the whole grow didn’t you?
And you can still get some bud from her, but I noticed your lighting and I’d have to say that you probably won’t get dense buds, but more fluffy buds because of the lighting not being as intense as it could be.
I’ll give you props because for the first two auto flowers I ever grew, they were like 10" tall and gave me an 8th of bud each haha. You didn’t fail here! You’ve learned and can grow your experience from here with your next plant. I would recommend more CFLs or possibly LED. She would have given you a nice yield with better lights. But also, pH is SO VERY important with growing weed. You get your pH dialed in and you can grow some amazing weed!

Thanks, I grow veggies and other stuff too. This is more intense than tomatoes, lol. I have learned a lot. I read up on a lot of stuff before I started ( first grow here) but it’s hard to learn on your on when you don’t know what you don’t know. So I know more about it. And in my location, this time of year it’s pretty warm so I had temps from 77-84 last three weeks with humidity avg of 55-70. So I know from this not to have a grow going during the summer, lol. So yes I did learn a lot.

Word of advice to newbie’s: Keep a journal !!!

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Totally unrelated
Sorry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

SLICE and FRY MMMM MMMMM Good. .ps listen to Mac Guyver you need a PH Pen and a TDS pen those 2 items will save you trouble on your next grow …nice looking auto …didn’t think they got that tall Hammer

ive allways thought of the autos as very short plants 12-18 tall and no real yield for in doors less than an oz … when mine don’t produce 3-4 oz i change their groth food or look for a diff strain …i spend a lot in electric 400- 500 month. i want to follow what you got going on.with this one … Be interesting

Well, OK, I will continue the thread and post updates.

If you have questions feel free to ask

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8 weeks of veg, 5 weeks of flower

One week of feeding tiger bloom and big bloom after flush. Gave RO water today and added a dehumidifier bag to tent

I don’t know what to make of this. It sprouted March 30th. So basically all of April (30 days) May (31 days) all of June (30) and July 18.

So 118 days total. The top of plant took off after adding nutrients. It’s almost at the top of my box, I need a more intense light and will order Friday (400 watt HPS/MH ballast, hood etc) .
I just don’t know how deep into flower she is…