More flowering questions

Today I’m going to flush and test the run off , check the ph of everything . How should I go about the yellowing or leaves and what is best to revive the plant better
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What yellowing are you looking at. I think it looks good. Patients grasshopper


I feel it looks pretty good from these pictures as well.


Yup false alarm. They are pretty young thangs

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The leaf in the bottom left is having yellow coloration and aswell as the other ones before I cut the leaves off I was jus trying to know how to treat the plant ph as far as run off and how to put the ph up or down @PurpNGold74 @HornHead @dbrn32

Got a bottle of distilled water? Pour it (pure water) into the soil. Check the runoff…

Nexttime remember that ph. U want urr runoff in the 6.3-6.8 range. So if it was 5.9 from the distilled water. Id send in next water at around 6.8-7. Trying to bring runoff up into that range.

If ur distilled runoff is too high (above 7) then id water nexttime with water in the lower range. U want it to stay around 6.3-6.8


@PurpNGold74 perfect this is what I wanted to hear , thank u very much I just bought everythjng right now the ph tester and all that !!! Going to check it today and see everything about it

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Just do what Purp said and you’ll be fine.

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Looks like you have a couple of leaves that may occasionally touch your soil. Those will usually die off pretty quickly.

Look at you mathing and what not! Solid advice.

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