More drooping again

Hi again, well I’m back for a similar problem. A month ago I was having problem with dropping in the seedling stage (see first pic). Great recommendations from here told me to transplant and it worked great. Growth took off, the plants looked so healthy! A month later I am experiencing dropping again. First noticed after a dark cycle of 4 hours off. So did a full 24h on and perked right up. I then started to notice after after dark cycle and thought water. I had been watering about every 4-5d in fear of over watering and knuckle test told me not to water yet. So watering helped for a day and now I am back to drooling all the time. (Pic two). Plant is in a 5gal fabric pot. Almost seems like the transplant problem again. Soil is happy frog from a month ago so maybe nutrients? I added some worm castings 2 days ago. Soil pH is 6.4. Water pH is 6.2. My other plants look great but the biggest looking sad. Third pic is what it looked like 10 days ago


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When was the last time you gave ur soil mycorrhizal beneficial bacteria

Because i give that to my soil once a week i mix it with water and feed

If you watering between 5 days to water and then watered and there drooping again its because there still hungry. More water!

I think that’s your issue. Maybe wrong maybe I’m stoned

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A mature plant in a 5 gal pot like that needs water more often than once a week specially if not watering to full run off.


Give her a good watering to a drip off an leafs should stand backup Within 12 hours.

Been so worried about over watering! Soil did feel slightly moist and hygrometer confirmed that it wasn’t dry but also wasn’t saturated. Will try it though! Thanks!

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Yeah; been so worried about over watering definitely wasn’t full run off. Will try. Thanks!

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I’m happy frog soil I thought that stuff was already in it? Good thought though. I’ll pick some up

In happy frog soil. Ha!

After watering give it about 3 days before you water again. Good practice to lift the pot before an after watering check the weight of pot.


U have to give ur soil mycorrhizal at least once a week to keep the bacteria alive in ur soil cause help ur plant uptake nutrients and water

Ok thanks.

How do you use it? Make a solution and water it in or till it in?

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There are many out there
Many people here use tribus or fishshit ,recharge,great white shark.
You just add them in with your nutrients

Mix it into ur nutrient water before u feed

Dropping worse than ever after watering and 16h under the lights. Ugh.

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Dropping worse than ever after watering

Usually a couple of things cause drooping leaves being underwatering or overwatering. Is that a watering ring in the 1st picture.

There is a water ring but not in use yet. I have to go on vacation and will have it set up by then. And only in fabric pot, not two pots.

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