More Cbd in the Indica(?


When it is more Cbd in a Indica strain makes that smoother Relax,Chill mode or Iam Wrong?

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CBD is associated with a more body centered high rather than a euphoric high

It’s the various terps and such that determine if a plant will have indica-like effects or sativa-like effects.

CBD is non-psychoactive, so it won’t make you feel high. CBD strains have their own terps and such that determine effects.

Put THC and CBD together in large amounts, and the CBD will help mitigate some of the more intense THC effects, such as a racing heart. So, yes, CBD can make a THC heavy strain more mellow.

However, CBD is not what makes an indica cause couchlock.

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Here’s a good article on the subject…


It fells like this anyway more down in sofa.
Growing Pakistan valley now so waiting to fell it.

But thanks for input.