Monster Cropped Mystery Clones

This is my first grow everyone!

Wanted to show off my accidental, mystery clones that despite all odds, are doing really well! A few months ago, I germinated four seeds I found in my grinder of what I’m told came from a strain known as Cherry Pie. Mind you, this was all during a time I didn’t know a single thing about growing cannabis plants.

Once they got a little older, I decided to make the hard choice to just chop them up and throw the mothers away (they had started to flower and had grown into tall skinny abominations).

What I didn’t realize at the time was that I was using a technique called “monster cropping.” That all occurred on January 28, and now my clones are exhibiting some really really weird growth patterns! They also aren’t showing signs of hermaphroditism which is great considering their troubled coming up. I’m hoping to chronicle their grow here because they look like they have amazing potential.


Looks like your re vegging . Good accident


Keep them on 18/6 for a couple months and they will be monsters! Places for growth everywhere! Good luck and happy growing!!

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Weird growth is normal on a re-veg… hermi not which I don’t see on the pics you posted.

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I’m no expert but I think these mean we have a girl?? Trying to keep a close on these girls as I know re-vegged clones can have a higher chance of herming out.