Monster cropped goldleaf scrog


this post is my new favorite porn site!!


I can almost double my yield sometimes not always so the answer is double or close to double


Monster crop scrog


Update on my Monster cropped blue dream girl.since she was so thick in the middle I decide to put the screen on and spread it out so some of the popcorn bud will thicken up let’s see how this works


probably won’t hurt things…i’m taking notes!


wow! beautiful!


@hillcrest21678 you still out doing yourself my friend , great color , keeping the temps perfect ?


Learning so much from your thread, can’t thank you enough @hillcrest21678, this right here is grab your pipe and watch the show kinda stuff.


hillcrest21678 ,WOW…amazing :grin:


ix that a CFL I see? did u bud that under a CFL???


Blend of cfl and led @oldpro

Currently have the same blend in my tent. Yes the one in pic is 65k and the rear one is 27k and I rotate them every seven days.


naw there just some add light main light advance diamond series XML 350


Hillcrest advice on drying please? In a naturally high humidity place


(Sorry im not hillcrest) but IMO id find naturally cool place (lower temp, lower humidity) and build a box dryer, a cardboard box with lil fan cut into the side for good ventilation.


Your just as good my man, I’m thinking oscillating fan in the corner of a small room, cardboard box and can’t holes, dehumidifier to keep the room at 50… hopefully. Safer to harvest slowly without perfect humidity or harvest together with perfect humidity… questions questions, could put the box in the tent room? Temps do get ridiculous at times. Like 90F in tent, but they seem to be cracking on through without too much damage.


Hats off man
I keep coming accross your threads and just awesome work
I can tell your hearts in it
Always so cool to see your hard work!!:+1:t3:




Does the strain cause those colors naturally or are you lowering temps or doing something to get them looking that way… Freakin awesome stuff there @hillcrest21678


Out of like but I love these photos. Great work @hillcrest21678 :stuck_out_tongue: