Monster cropped goldleaf scrog


Whats smoke like on them blue dreams??


@BLZD It is :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:


It’s just plant genetics


What i needed to hear tpday


Spose 5’C wont make such a diffrence to have no colour.


Yeah, that’s what they ALL say!


Free mason trade secrets hes hiding. Must be


ancient chinese secret! @BLZD lol whatever you call it,it produces results time and time again…consistant!


Update on my monster cropped blue dream plant.this is day 35 start of week five I think she’s coming along nicely hope she fatten up real nice in the next coming weeks


@hillcrest21678 I just finished reading the entire post. WOW! Absolutely Amazing !
I can’t wait to get started on my first ILGM grow. Truly inspirational. Thanks for sharing your beautiful girls. :seedling::sunglasses:


Awesome plants @hillcrest21678
What light do you use?


this is my white widow auto think ill chop this weekendWIN_20170822_19_47_51_Pro


Looks great!


Question for you on your cfl’s are they 2700k or 2100k. I’m gone try to duplicate what you have and see if I can get bigger yields also. By the way nice grow journal and keep up the great work


How much of an impact to yield would you have if you didn’t monster crop?


2700k thankyou


That’s just beautiful…


@hillcrest21678 I’ve read a lot about how revegging a plant the Quality and potency would diminish , wouldn’t it be the same monster cropping? Just curious .


It doesn’t diminish


Since you didn’t a answer my question I feel that is a straight endorsement for monster cropping. I’m sold :grinning: