Monster cropped goldleaf scrog


Did e you got skills brother dam nice :+1:


Straight amazing bro


It even sits on the couch and watches TV!


Very very nice produce ya got there! 48


My God… Can I ask your opinion? I’m about to get the Mars ll 700 watt LED for my first grow…ex3 tent. Should I also use a250 watt cfis on either end or do you think the Mars will cover?


Sorry, 3x3 tent :smirk:


How high above the pot should I place my scrog


I try to keep it 20 to 25 inches above the pot so I have room to water,trim etc…


Ok one more question if you don’t mind good sir, approximately how much head room do you need I know that mine isnt tall enough at 4 ft but I can always go taller I’m thinking obout building another flower room so us 6 ft good want it to be small as possible


6 feet is good my tent only 63 inch tent and I have no problem


Right on I appreciate any info I can get thought back and irs damn near been 20 years sence last time a lot has changed


note to self 8/13/2017 started new batch of monster cropped blue dream clones and put one ghost train haze seed in soil


Do you top the monster crop clones like you would do from seedling


no no need too she will do her thing


Ok thanka for info do they require any thing specific as anything from seed besides no topping? Looking to get the best I can outta the seeds I do have without keeping a mother


What are your WxL I’ve got plenty of room where I can build a 40x48 closet 7’10" tall but I’m right in town in a neighborhood and we haven’t loosened our laws yet so I’m trying to be reasonable and trying not to go overboard is hard. As more funds become available it’s like we’ll if I’m gonna do it and risk it wth my daughter is epliptic so it’s pretty much used as medicine in this house not that we don’t enjoy it. I just want to make cpl nice yields so I can take a break and not always have it running. I believe from everything I have read it’s got a 2 year shelf life if stored properly


awesome stuff @hillcrest21678


Update on my monster cropped blue dream things progressing nicely this is the start of week four Day 28

and one white widow auto flower she’s almost ready


WOW @hillcrest21678 those are just awesome specimens!! Great Job!!


@hillcrest21678, you think people would get that kinda colour with hps?