Monster cropped goldleaf scrog




That’s a beautiful auto! Bet you get like 3 zips from her!


Update on my monster cropped blue dream clone.this is the plant that I was going to put into the scrog but I decided not to just gonna let it go free and see what happens.I flip her to 12/12 13 days ago she’s coming along very nicely I think



Nice, love the color! <3


Very nice plant :+1::+1:


That is one beautiful plant :smile::rofl::star_struck:


Harvest day :grin:


Ah man beautiful. What strain is that? Blue dream is beautiful


Main cola thinking 2 oz just from it


That is amazing @hillcrest21678 I can almost smell it from here . Why don’t we have smell-o-vision yet??


Very nice job!:+1::+1:


You could use that for a Xmas tree!


WOW :star_struck: That is HUGE, I never seen anything like that in my life, BEAUTIFUL @hillcrest21678



Update on my monster cropped blue dream today is 21 days since I changed over to flowering


Wow. I am very impressed. Those are beautiful specimens right there. Great job!!!


Love those colors !


Finally weight 9.82 oz from two CBG auto flowers. the main cola weighed in at 2.79 oz dried


awesome job as always @hillcrest21678


4.75 Oz per plant with autos,:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::+1::ok_hand:


I just can’t seem to get enough of looking at your harvest photos @hillcrest21678