Monster cropped goldleaf scrog


At my age, two minutes of good tucking is better than ten minutes of trying to pull my my socks on.


Lmfao @DieHigh55 lol
@Fever bending?
You don’t need to bend them or weave them I will tie a few to screen occasionally to help keep it up but when the tops poke out from under screen just wait till they can be tucked under the next part of screen

Here’s a picture of my outdoor scrog so you can see a visual


This is a topic that is

  1. Hard to explain
  2. Not a single step explanation so a single picture doesn’t help. One would need a before and after maybe even interim pictures, because my problem scenario is centered around slowing down fast growers, allowing the slower ones to catch up AND finally how to release the dastbgrowers so they are now even with the slow ones. 3 pictures one for each phase would clear it up for me.


Well sir I don’t have that for you lol
Sorry if I wasn’t helpful brother
You should only do one or two plants under a screen FYI to maximize the potential of the technique
@Hogmaster can you help me here please


Yep I’m doing 1 plant that injust mainlined!

I was quoting the ilgm scrogging tutorial and the quote seemed to be incomplete. They say you bend higher branches under but don’t say what to do after that. Leave it? Release it when lower branches catch up? I just need to know! :stuck_out_tongue::grin::grin::grin:


Ok once screen is on top I uses grades fence for mine you can see in the picture
Once on top you don’t need to bend the branches any more they remain bent over screen will hold them in place
Your supposed to prune all the beaches that don’t touch screen once they go into flower @Fever


The whole purpose of the SCROG is to keep your plant all at the same level so you can move your light closer. Once you tuck a part of your plant you just leave it there at the screen level. If you release it, it will pop up above the screen and defeat the whole purpose. If that part of the plant pops back up just tuck it back to screen level again. Then as countryboy suggested remove new growth below the screen after flowering begins, so all your energy is going to producing fat buds.

There are many youtube videos if that would help. Just search SCROG or screen on green


Oh wow, beautiful Blue Dream!


@Countryboyjvd1971 how big is your the space you put four in?


That’s where my ladies are at right now didn’t get a shot in the light yesterday but will today when lights come on was moving everything around testing light mover so didn’t want to kill a $130 bulb


Update on my girls



Is one of those an auto?


Downright stunners!


This plant is awesome the buds are big and dense I think Sunday will be chop day for this one


Watch your back harvesting! @hillcrest21678


That main cola looks insane. 🖒


Good god almighty​:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: what strain is that?


This was a free seat from order I purchased from another seed company it’s the CBG auto flower


Hi @hillcrest21678 How is the heat output on 2 700 watt Marshydro 11 lights? Having issues with heat from 1 600 watt HPS so was wondering if you have any idea what differences there might be. Spouse has agreed to investing in a couple of those at a sale price on Ebay if I can give him at least anecdotal evidence that there is less heat output. He is a freak for things catching on fire. Any assistance from anyone? My WW Autos just started flowering and I really want to put my Gold leaf and unknown bag seen into flower soon as they are getting huge.


Is she an auto? No chance at some clones?