Monster cropped goldleaf scrog


who knew growing MMJ would be so tucking hard!!!


Thats exactly what the tuck I was trying to get at! @BIGE

I feel like I’m in grade school hahahaha


lol,i’m giggling like we were in jr.high just figuring out what the tuck is all about!!lol


@hillcrest21678 you top them before slapping a screen on top yes? What week do you top? How many times? And what week do you slap screen on? What light cycle once screen is on do you prefer to fill screen?


Ah, tuck it all!


@bob31 @BIGE @Zombo
Hahahahaha you guy are tucking great lol👍
Love you guys your always good for a good laugh :joy:
Are you growing Autos if so youwant to top early in the grow they grow so fast @garrigan62 is a great source for info on topping Autos he has a tread here as well on it :+1:
Photo seeds you can top once you have 5 sets of true leaves
Don’t count the round set of leaves or the single finger set though
You place the screen when The your plant is around 25 inches in height from the ground not pot
@bob31 can you post a link for our friend here to Roberts scrog guide thanks bro
Happy growing all hope this helps @Tdave1211
If you need anything else just tag me or one of the other guys we will help you out my friend :v:️:cowboy_hat_face::+1: CB


This the link to the SCROG Tutorial that Robert has on the front site

It is very informative! Of course you can also search the forum for SCROG and there are a bunch of posts here in the forum as well!


Also if you go to the beginning of this topic that @hillcrest21678 started he spells it all out really well.


That he does @bob31 thanks for the post


You are my main man when it comes to scrogging, you convinced me to scrog with my first grow, I’m glad that you did, I’m doing my 2nd grow which I’m growing normally and this has convinced me that from now on, it’s scrogging all the way


@daz49 you are right… @hillcrest21678 is a scrog master indeed! you will not know what to do with all of that bud!!


No autos. Just regular clones from seed. And I was wondering how mine looks. In two days they’re have been in flower for 3 weeks exactly. Should I have more bud mass? Or Am i just trying to rush things?


This is my first Scrog and I def didn’t let them veg and fill the screen at all. I had them in flower for two weeks and then slapped screen on. Screen has been on for 5 days now. Will do it earlier and veg longer to fill @hillcrest21678 @Countryboyjvd1971


Yeah plants look good but if you didn’t fill screen before going to flower you won’t get full potential from the technique bit it will still help spread the branches
I put to many under my screen I did 4 and realized I should have done one maybe two at most but live and learn
Keep me posted :+1:


2/3 to 3/4 fulll the stretch will do the rest


Ok I confused “bending” with “tucking”

From the link to the guide I copied a quote that describes my confusion. Here it is:
“During the vegetative phase, make sure to bend any parts that are poking their way upwards back down, so they remain on the same plane as the other parts of the plants. This will allow all the plants to grow upwards in even rows, maximizing the energy from the grow lights”

Now I understand what was written except for when to release the part that was bent, when do you do that? It doesn’t say…


@Fever you keep tucking as long as you can usually after the second week of flower the branches will harden and you wil stop tucking at that point brother


What about bending? Thanks


You stop tucking and bending at the same time
Once they are flowering you leave them be


So they release themselves from being bent by themselves or do they need help?


They always get tucked up somehow…sorry.