Monster cropped goldleaf scrog


that blue dream looks absolutely delicious you cant get anything like that down here


Well they will be able to . That is once you buy the seeds and grow 49lbs of the beautiful buds😎
@Teddy78 this is it, sorry


I’m actually starting too dial in bro big time but fwark its taken some mistakes…the probs is getting the seeds here. The weed situation is critical down here all that’s on the streets is fwarking chit Asian force grown crap my friend its disgusting and I’m sure it has that carcegan cancer causing chit that stops growth that used too be legal sob


Seriously my mate grows each year I reckon the thc level is about nine per cent and we all love it its the greatest hahaha. A bit of an issue down here


Sorry @Drsmeg I meant to tag @Teddy78 to this thread


all good that plant looked awesome tho cheer


Today I put the screen on to begin the scrog this will be a one plant blue dream scrog let’s see how long it takes to fill the screen out


Really impressive…how long did it take to get buds like that? I’m putting up scrog today and put both tents into flower last night. I think it was time. If they double in size, I’m going to run out of room, idn. I’m going to need help cause don’t know what I’m doing. Want my plants to look like yours! Gorgeous :grimacing:


I should’ve done scrog sooner. They look so good. Next time…I’m learning so much. All your grows look great!


Do you keep the plant on veg until the screen is filled and then put it on bloom?


About 3/4 way full


Been following this thread for a while now. Just threw up my screen two weeks into flower. Effed u bunch of shit up lol can I flip back to veg to fill screen then go back to flower?


You can I think technically. The plant will revert to veg… I just don’t know how much stress it puts on plants


When you tuck to let lower branches a chance to grow, do you untuck back to the original position or do you push them through the further away opening? Did that make sense?


I think he pushes them through the further openings. It will allow the side shoots to come up the in between openings by giving them more direct light. I’ve been reading his grow journals and his SCROG techniques are top notch. By him giving the plants an even amount of light they are forming those nice colas you always see. It’s no surprise that he has won BOM before, that’s why I sometimes refer to his grow when I have any questions.


The idea is to keep tucking until the screen is full @Fever No untucking !


But you tuck the ones that are higher up down so the lower ones can come up to the same point where the lower ones to come up and then untucked the taller one so now they are even


I’m all tuckered out from your Tucking explanation! You’r welcome @Fever Just keep tucking the tucked until you can tuck no mo! :v:


@bob31 @Fever… What the tuck guys!


Now you mind your tucking business @Zombo lol. All this Tucking is exhausting! whew ahhahhha