Monster cropped goldleaf scrog


Chop day for this one



Beautiful lady!


Mr @hillcrest21678 you are truly the master, I would love to be your neighbour lol keep up the good work,you have convinced me scrogging is the way to go I’d say all the time, do you scrog all the time


Super nice @hillcrest21678 :+1::cowboy_hat_face:CB


you are like a mmj growing machine @hillcrest21678! awesome job as always!


What size tent you use @hillcrest21678?


Two 48x24x60


i believe you are getting the full potential of your tent and other equipment…lol
please feel free to reveal all of your secrets…nutrients,lights,any voodoo dances?


@Bigboybud this is the thread on scrogging that I told you about.


This girl should come down this weekend she’s about 50% Amber I’m thinking Sunday I’ll chop down


My monster cropped blue dream clone getting it ready for the scrog


And a few of my autos


Hey new babies that just popped this morning


Jesus … What a harvest… I’m getting a tent the same size as soon as my roommate moves out September 1 … If I could pull harvest like that out… well I just probably try to do a backflip, fail, and break my neck


Maybe just roll a joint, it’s safer.:grin:


How long did it take your autos to flower like that? You are a true master, @hillcrest21678


65-75 days give or take couple days


Great, thanks!


Hey this is the thread @Drsmeg


wow mate this is the thread