Monster cropped goldleaf scrog


Update on my Moster cropped blue dream clone. Roots have taken hold now she will start to explode now in new growth. I’m going to run a 1 plant scrog and let it fill the screen and see what she does. Will transplant into final pot in about two weeks :v:t4:


Looking good @hillcrest21678 can’t wait to see her explode with new growth :+1::cowboy_hat_face:CB


Update on my auto grow one plant ready to come down this weekend two more to go in the upcoming weeks and I will be harvesting my blue dream scrog this weekend also it will finish up in 66 days


Time for them to come down chop down day


Man they gorgeous! Wish I could have a taste🤑


i cannot say this enough @hillcrest21678 you can grow some awesome looking plants!
you get an ‘‘A’’ for the day!!!


Someone’s going to be busy all day. Awesome looking plants!


For me the worst part of the whole process but it’s got to be done


@hillcrest21678… Great work… Do you do anything with the trim, I see it separated ?


Yes I’ll make butter


lol,i like the aluminum trays…that’s what i use for trimming up bud…
after this auto grow i have going now,i’m going to do a two plant scrog with some photo plants…


Looks great @hillcrest21678 happy fathers day to that my friend outstanding job


Dude awesome just awesome :clap: :+1::v:️:cowboy_hat_face:CB





Excellent harvest! How much do you think all of that weighs?


Woohoo nice view brother


Maybe a pound let you know in about two days :v:t4:


Man that blue dream looks so tasty


wow! wow! wow! wow! Great looking grow and harvest


Doesn’t it @Nug-bug lol
I wish I could grab a piece and smell it hahahhaha