Monster cropped goldleaf scrog


Lovely brother just lovely
Your always have nice grows my friend keep up the great work


Nice job man, just beautiful love the colors


Those could be bud of the month contenders for sure. They’re beautiful!


have read all through this and have to bow in appreciation fair play to you @hillcrest21678 and them 2 WW AF were awesome


Hi, your net looks great! I’m new and have wondered about doing the scrog and where to purchase the net. I thought it was wire and didn’t know what it looked like and now I do, thanks to you!


Woweee!! Most beautiful buds I’ve ever seen. Hope it smokes as good as it looks! Would love to know. Very impressive!


:astonished: as always @hillcrest21678 super impressive :heart_eyes:



So great, so beautiful! So tired of bad weed. Let me know how it smokes, would love to know! Can’t wait to see buds on my plants, probably won’t be comparable to yours, but can try… my first grow. I’m lovin this :laughing:


That advance DS XML is really doing it big time .


I got to give it to you @hillcrest21678 I’ve loved this thread since I found it and let me tell you bro…you got it! Lol keep up the awsome growing buddy!


Just a update on my auto flower tent 2 white window ilgm 1 kandy lush unnamed and my clones and 2 cbg auto :v:t4:


just a touch jealous here awesome as always @hillcrest21678


Man I really need to get this promotion so I can get in to a spot with more room so I can have tents. Envious of your grow as usual lol. Looking bomb bro keep it up!


Update on my blue dream scrog things coming along nicely end of week five girls starting to fatten up really good now



really beginning to fill out now dude cant wait to see the end of this grow


Yum yum yummy @hillcrest21678
You never let me down great pictures bro :+1:


My oh my, that is just beautiful.


Looks great. Love the colors.


did you do any topping of these ladies after first leaves or it that just growth? are they autos? I’m waiting on first seeds (SSH) for first grow. your grow looks GREAT