Monster cropped goldleaf scrog


There are two plants


If I’m remembering right the smoke was good and I think I got three or four zips


@hillcrest21678 with all your lights how much does it add to your electric bill if you don’t mind me asking?


Led lights you won’t even see a bill change at all maybe $10 if that is why Led is really making its mark in the grow industry . @hillcrest have you seen Advance Led new Arc lights they about to release , I think these will be a game take over by far no other brand can compare to the Par these lights will put out .


Bet youll only have to re-mortgage the house once to get it :slight_smile:


(Haven’t seen new light yet) love it if someone put few pics up.


1400-1500 with tax
I’m sure that it’s worth it,but as far as home Growers, unrealistic. Unless you make 150k a year.


Heres the kickstarter video

I’m not sure if it’s offered yet. Its not available on there website

Heres more on the design


fine except focused light on 1 point means crappy foot print I think people are missing the point here that if I focus ten lights at 1 point I of course will get high lumens PAR and good test results fine if I want 1 6"x6" plant but how many of these things would you need to grow in 4x4 space 4?8? how am I saving money? the watts with the number of lights needed to get larger foot print would be the same. This is just IMO and they are simply using Cree leds mounted on an arched frame do the math I can put a new look on an old design and try and sell it as the newest and best thing going but it’s still the same thing just a shiny new case or better reflector
Show me a 4ft plant under 1 of these solid bud before I look at investing a dime in some taped together flash lights focused on single point


Legit… Agree 100% @Donaldj, especially doing a SOG set up. IMO just another regular LED saying it can probably illuminate 7’x7’ when its real foot print is like 1.5’ at best. Love LEDs more than most but pisses me off when they make these extreme claims in an attempt to blow hps out of the water. Not saying the arc is doing this but thats the normal trend in the LED business.


Made a great point about hps using large bulbs which create waste etc.


A couple of pics of the white widow auto flower dryed and jarred


Note to self cloned my blue dream tonight they are 21 days in the flower let’s see how it goes


keep us updated on those two jewels @hillcrest21678,…


Needless to say that it has a specific tiny footprint


$1500 to illuminate a square foot, rsther spend $1500 on inline fans, ducting and cover 10x the area. Spose im weird like that


The blue dream looks awesome


purdy @hillcrest21678



The different colors are great!