Monster cropped goldleaf scrog


@hillcrest21678 did you get to see Advance new Arc lights they getting ready to release on the market, man they are really about to corner the market with these "Arc " Cob Led lights.

I can’t wait to get back going but I’ll just past through every so often to check out bud porn!




I didn’t see your thumb and finger right away, I thought… damn, he’s got a tree in his living room!


Update on my white widow auto grow dried and in paper bag now 9.3 oz from 2 plants

Will jar in maybe two days✌🏽


Jesus! How’d you get 9 zips off two autos?!?!!?!


How much wattage of light you use? I’m sure you say somewhere but almost 900 posts… Can’t find it lol


Look again its worth the read :wink:


Wowser, you doubled what I yielded from 2 WWAF! (Which doesn’t surprise me cuz all your grows I’ve seen here are fantastic) :yum:. Nicely done, my friend! The bar has been raised!


2x700 watt mars hydro 2 leds


Ahhh. Lots of watts lol


I believe their actual watt draw is smaller? Probably wrong


Even if they’re actual draw is 500 each that’s still 1000 watts of led power


Think their around 300 and something


There is no replacement for experience and skill
: perfect environment control
: quality genetics
; due care and attention
@hillcrest21678 is a master of his craft you’ll see very few grows as well executed :slight_smile:



@hillcrest21678 you are all business bro! looking great!


And these only got topped twice?


Yes yes only topped twice


@hillcrest21678 Looking good How many plants in your scrogg?


@hillcrest21678 maybe I missed it but how did you yield from that strawberry Kush earlier in your journal?