Monster cropped goldleaf scrog


@hillcrest21678 Mate you talk about turning your lights off for 48 hours before harvest. Is this a part of a flush technique?


I bought that light and I also bought their 450w. Haven’t hooked up the 450 yet but the 300 works really good for the price!


Yes, a lot of growers do this before harvest. It promotes resin and trichome growth.



Update on my blue dream scrog. seven days since I last posted about these girls screen filling in nicely. maybe ready to go 12-12 in 6-7 days I’ll see


Ilgm’s white widow auto flower 69 days from seed what do you guys think maybe 10 more days that will be 79 days from seed


IDK @hillcrest21678 they are looking ripe and delish!!! maybe take some of the smaller stuff off to start curing ,and let the bigger buds go longer…keep them seperated,and tell us the difference…lol


Hillcrest. How tall were ur white widows before you switch them to flowering and how tall are they now. Thx


It’s an auto flower so triggers without a light change


They are auto flowers


Wow, monsters! Looking great, @hillcrest21678


Im new too this group just ordered some strawberry kush how is it


Update on my blue dream Scrog and auto tent things come along pretty good hoping the harvest in about five days we’ll see


Beautiful crop! How long have they been under 12/12?


Ones autoflowering which obviously doesnt need changing into 12/12 and the other is still in veg


Update on my white widow auto flower grow today is day 78 of this grow starting to get a nice amber color to my tric now I think I will chop them on Thursday date 80 of this grow and then I have three more to take its place to white widow and one candy Kush :v:t4:


I’ve watched you ever since I joined this forum. Dude to say your killing it is a understatement. Every plant I see or scrog looks so good, and now it seems your pumping them out like dunkin doughnuts :sunglasses:
Extra glaze please!!:point_up::v:


I love seeing hillcrests grows, the mass of these colas are amazing.


Chop the girls today 2 white widow auto flowers all trimmed up ended up with 1093 g wet.anticipating about 75% water loss to these plants should end up with just about 9 1/2 to 10 ounces dry 280 to 290 g dry here is the start to trim



Update on my blue dream scrog girls are doing well check out the color variations between the plants both are supposed to be blue dream do you think that genetics play that much of a role or do you think I just got two different seeds mixed in the pack