Monster cropped goldleaf scrog


That seems insane… what LED costs 2.5k for a tent so small? And no no, didnt think you where, i am just amazed somone could spend so much on such a small operation, why no expansion may i ask?


No room at the house for anything bigger Sir, but I run Advance Led Lights XTE two 200 XTE panels that’s about $625 a piece, and another 400 watt China brand that was about $325 when I first purchased, but give it time and keep your receipts!


I’ve spent around 3 grand between set ups and seeds. Haha it all pays for itself after a harvest or 2, when compared to payin street value or dispensary prices for bud


indeed I would hate to try and add up what I’ve sunk into my growing in last 2 years but probly approaching 3-4k easily enough my new space with new lights is at about 2600.00 not counting nutes seeds pumps soil standard HID ballasts and all the goodies I already owned


Any update on dried harvest?


Update on my scrog harvest 321 g 11.5 ounces total dry of some very nice bud


My next scrog run will be two blue dreams


I definitely want to watch that grow. That’s pretty good haul


@hillcrest21678 how long do you usually veg to get your girls to fill the scrog?


I will normally veg

for 35-40 days these are 26 days old


they look great, keep it up man.


@hillcrest21678 as for LST, when do you prefer to start? and how many times should you top for best results?


If you start a new topic for these I would like to be tagged to it. If you’re doing them here, I’m already tracking this one.

That Blue Dream is beautiful from what I saw in this last BOM entry. Now I’m curious about how it smokes.

I’ll be hitting you up for advice on my outdoor scrog this year…


Update on my blue dream scrog run just put a screen over the girls tonight this what it look like :v:t4:


How many times do you top them?


These have been top twice


Update on my ilgm white widow auto grow girls coming around nicely…hopefully 10 more days and they should be ready…63 day old from sprout


You really think they’ll be ready that soon? I know pictures don’t do our girls justice, but it looks like the calyx have more swelling to do.


Yea I agree, they look like they could go longer!



I agree, wait… The buds will grow what i call warts and start getting fatter. I know you will be checking your trichomes. Last year I harvested too early, had maybe 15% amber trichs and I should have waited. I get a good heady high but I can tell that it needed more time.