Monster cropped goldleaf scrog


Your yeild looks amazing just quietly :+1:


Maybe some close ups??


@Hillcrest everytime I see your scrog harvest , you make one to buy that DS XML 350 dude bad . But Kyle told me it would be ah lil to much for my 2x2x5 but the 2 XTE 200’s I have is almost the same output as the XML 350 I think it put out 532 watts and my two putting out 496 but I have yet to get another successful scrog like yours , the one I did was pure beginners luck and I’ve got yet to repeat it . But if I get this bike sold I plan on doing a few upgrades to a 48x24x60 and I’ll run the XML 350 with the two XTE 200’s on each side and I’ll used my china watt for vegging and that setup for flowering , but until than man your grows are always a inspiration to many of us to see and encouragement to mimic your success , great job my friend , great job . So you run just the Open Seaseme , Beatie Bloomz , and Cha - Ching in flower I’m guessing and you just veg with the soil by it self so the trio powder as stand alone . Well this one unknown strain in growing now I vegged without any liquid nutrients this time and I have yet to add any bloom nutrients but I have been adding Recharge , Seaweed extract , terpinator and mammoth P but next feed I plan on adding Floranova 4-8-7 bloom with Beastie Bloomz .


Haha love this idea…hung mine up friday


Glad your pants are dry now bro :wink: ha.
What LED’s would you advise me getting? Im done with MH already… the heat is uncontrolable for me, i was thinking mars possibly.


I need something to cover about 5ft by 4ft


Platinum Led p1200
Ds xml 650
Apache tech AT600 (only 4x4 so will need support)


Yeah mars series are the gold standard of bad leds. They’re not amazing but cheap and some what reliable. If u do go mars series definitely “over do it” because most led companies, especially the cheaper brands over state the capabilities. What ever choice you choose become very familiar with the term “PAR and PPF” and make sure the led you choose tells you, or shows you a PAR chart, its a cheap way an LED company can prove the capabilities of its product and if they fail to show this theyre usually full of shit.


Easy enouhh to steal someone elses mind you… i just got x 2 1000w bossled/kingled for around 120bucks - 380 actual power draw… must be some decent lumens/par surely. Plus for that price its hard to go wrong, they are used and one led is burnt out on one of them but hey ho i hope they do the job. Also looking at a phresh stealth hyper fan, the one that looks like a silencer but has a fan inside it. I just cant use any hps or anything tol i have a silent fan… and ive got the ability to add 1800w of hps lol (probably only end up adding 600 with the cool tune)


Lumens completely useless when measuring LED intensity, fine when measuring two HPS bulbs though. Ill try find a good PAR chart of your LED for you :slight_smile:


Burnt out? Im sure its an IR or UV chip? Leds rarely burn out


Dude i have to ask, what the hell are you feeding these plants? That is expenential rowth for 40days old… its madness. Maybe ive given mine a bad start (which i have) but i cant imagine them being that big in 40 days!


Fox farm powder base trio with recharge, mammoth p and 13 Essentials?


It is an Ir or UV your right, not sure on rhe difference… ive mainly been going by price and actual power draw to be fair. Ive spent a Fuuu tone on this kit, well over 1k now, and damn i wish i could restart lol… so many mistakes made! I guess its all a learning process though.


Has he already shown nutes in the posts…? Im crap


You spent 1k man if you only knew how much I’ve contributed in my 2x2x5 tent I could claim it on my taxes as a dependent!


I can imagine man, when you see a nice full tent its obviously going to be worth it :slight_smile: got a link to pics of your set up at all? And if your ever bored i would genuinely be interested to hewr just how much you spent


I have almost $2500 in just led and another $2500 in fans, humidifiers, inline fans, carbon scrubber, pH pens, buckets, pumps, dirt, and nutrients, plus seeds!


In a 2 foot by 2 or 2meter by 2?!?


2 foot by 2 foot by 5 foot, 24 inches by 24 inches , but I’m not bragging Sir, all I’m saying it’s a very expensive hobby if you not careful cause you will always be trying to upgrade to something better and with a growing market it’s never enough.