Monster cropped goldleaf scrog


Already got one, just search mclovin
Dont happen to know if i should be worried about these spots do you BLZD?


Cant quite put i finger on what that could be mate, suppose just keep an eye on her for couple days and we’ll see from there


First off have you top those plants yet if not top those plants let them grow I have a few the same size i about to pull into my new scrog and we can do this together :v:t4:


Here are my two blue dream for my next scrog


Can’t wait, from seed?(which company?) or clone?


Yes from seed 15 day old blue dream from ilgm


Two 40 day old white widow auto flower from ilgm


Lol dude, mine are an inch high! Seems a bit early no? I just transplanted to the DWC system, annoying thing is how to keep the heat down with a MH bulb!!


I have 6 seedlings and the other 4 are a week old, had a harsh start to life… but they all seem to be happy now (besides a couple of possible light burns/chem burns on one)
Should i be topping already?
If your interested to see my set up just search mclovin (comes up as mclovins lovin his first grow)
Any advice always appreciated, peace


Are those ww in their final pot? If so what size are they?


I disagree, its not a great idea… but there are utterly millions of ways. Dvd cases, anything box shaped, containers, jars… ect its very hard to find seeds.


After scowering through your grows as many have said, you my good sir, are the skrog Fing master. Very cool stuff.


Never really to early to top your plants, theull recover


Update harvest complete will give final weight may be a week


How many plants is that? Two? Beautiful


Whats your guesstimation dude?


Think i may take that cardboard box idea and use it @hillcrest21678 :star2:


Indeed its interesting… know anything else about it besides just a cardboard box?


well at a guess id say its somethin like a refridgerator box with wire poked through the middle and maybe with a fan in there.


Two plants and nothing special about the cardboard box I just got some cord running from the outside though inside back to the outside tied in knots I’ve been using that same box for almost 3 years and it dries perfectly every time 4 to 6 days my pants are dry and ready to going to jars