Monster cropped goldleaf scrog


This is my pineapple punch Lowrider only grew to be 8 1/2 inches tall but I’m expecting a couple ounces off of it


Tonight I will try the split the stem technique on my super silver haze and purple haze plant I have about 10 days before harvest


Hi @hillcrest21678 , I have a grow on the go and I’m on 3rd day of 12/12 and with everything I’ve read I’m really thinking of doing the stem splitting, would you tag me in your results please


Update so here’s what I have on my split the stem technique let’s see how it goes


I just did that with my Narco purp auto and will have a update in three days but its looking really good


Looking good


So is it a specific piece of wood to used as well and a specific time for this are what :question: in gone need a chainsaw to split this bohemiant!


I use bamboo that’s what I had available I guess you could use chopsticks whatever and yes the time frame is 1 to 2 weeks before harvest


Okay thanks maybe I try it, hopefully my stilh chainsaw can cut threw it maybe but will see :eyes: :heavy_dollar_sign::e-mail::e-mail:!


Update tomorrow be seven days since I split the stall I remove the screen from a scrog tomorrow or Sunday I will harvest :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wawwwww @hillcrest21678 well done man. Can i enquire to your grow gear, tent size, actual total light wattage and if you have aN AC? Congrats again


One day I’ll achieve success to this level once I get it all figured out. But again you are definitely seasoned and can surely pull off a great scrog, awesome job @hillcrest21678 .


I love your results, over and over again!!:clap:


Real shout out for Robert Bergman genetics


Update on the girls super silver haze purple haze out of the scrog and ready to be harvested tomorrow. With these pictures you can see the overall size of the plant I think it’ll be pretty good yield


How much you think you got?


A #%BLEEP%* lot, they look AMAZING, great job.


Mr @hillcrest21678 - do you think you could advise me on what and how to do what you did? I have a skrog and some decent gear, and watts, with your guidance i think i can get a far better yield. Only babies at the moment, when and what would you advise doing my good sir? Lst, monster, topping?


Go back and read the thread, done around 6 grows of guidance


Make a thread of your own so people can offer help.